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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's A Coming

    Today at our local T.O.P.S group. I was down a pound and I even went to our community Thanksgiving dinner.
Well I'm doing two pies for the family get together for Thanksgiving. A pumpkin cheese cake and pecan pie.
breakfast was pretty simple pears with grated cheese on it.
Lunch a half of peanut butter sandwich and jelly. I believe grape flavor. Then also a nice big green salad with ranch dressing.
Dinner, pull pork sandwich, and peas.
My all most seven in evening snack. Bread with peanut butter and molasses.
We earn a point if we don't eat after seven in evening.

Our weight lost group start our holiday contest. We've ran this one before. You do certain healthy task and you earn points. To get your first ticket one must earn 50 points, then for each 25 points you'll get and extra ticket.
So setting a goal is worth 5 points. My goal is to have 65 or more points, by the end of the week. If my figuring is right one can earn 130 points or 3 tickets a week.

Did a little shopping once my shift was done. Bought my daughter law Molly 2 yards of fabric. From ALLEY FABRIC NOOK.
She likes red, for a color.
My other in daughter in law Betty. Confession time....I had an easier time picking out fabric. Find something with kitties or puppies your fairly safe.

I believe I found an crochet baby hat I want to try to make. I usual pick up some yarn at the thrift store for a practice run. If it comes out, I'll still let my granddaughter have it, and make anther CAP in a more friendly color. Which I'm clueless about it.
Well when it comes to crochet pattern I have trouble with the star symbol. I know it has to do with repeating, but how many times.


  1. Congrats on the weight loss - I lost a few pounds but afraid I gained them back...but I did ride my bike today!!

  2. It must be good to have the support of a group for weight-loss

  3. Best of luck, anything is possible when your mind is in a "I am ready" mode. Stay healthy and take your time:)


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