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Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner

   Late this morning Murphy and I went up on Burton and got a pick up load of Rocky Mountain Maple. We really like it.
Some one drove by us, they were farther up the mountain. Pass us with a nice load of Tamarack. But I notice they had a club cab and two teenage boys.
First thing I though was Bart and  Sawyer. Then I said to Murphy "I wonder those boys will end up hating to get firewood."
We were bad parents we had our son do chores, and they had to go out and get fire wood.

    Tonight was our community first annual Thanksgiving dinner. It was well received. Hopeful they will continue it here.
When I usual go out. I try to limited my self to five items. End up having six items.
Breakfast was an McVandenberg with bacon. Lunch was taken with us to get firewood. Sardines, apple, banana, and pears with gradated cheese.
Confession time..I notice I take pinch of grated cheese. 

    I'm trying to figure out what I want to start to crochet next. A duster cover for my swifter or an stocking cap for my new grand daughter.
The swifter I know how to do.  A baby cap, not sure what an easy pattern would be.

                                                   Coffee is on


  1. The community dinner here is on Thursday at the university, I plan on going to it.

  2. Beautiful photos. Of course getting firewood is no fun - it's cold out there! ;) But the fire is always worth it.


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