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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Why Don't They See It

     She so surface and everyone in our family thinks she is just wonderful, my Aunt Eve. At this time I won't go into it. But maybe after the quilt show this coming Saturday.
    Got my new hours and they got cut by 2.50 hours a week. I understand Candy who in lot worst shape got a lot more hours cut.
Not sure what she got cut down to but what I'm hearing she got cut more then my client did.

   My friend Lawalla stop in and her and I went for a walk. She walks at a lot faster pace. Well I change my eating habit up a little bit because of my work schedule.
So super early I had some cold pizza. Right before I went to work I found a piece of meat in the fridge, heat up some mac and cheese. I know I had some type of fruit but I don't recall what it was.
Dinner was a ginger sauce with chicken over rice and peas.

    She ask me to order some stuff to take care of her parasites, called VERMOX. One of the inhome client has this little dog that shit all over the house.
They did get rid of some of them.
Even at one time they had one that would crap on bed. At time I just don't under stand how people live like they do.

                                          Coffee is on

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