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Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Just Need To Do It

          Eating more balance is going ok, but my exercise programs is not. I decided to get on the tread mill and do a little bit of running. But found it quite boring.
I do ok when it comes to eating last little while. Breakfast I had dinner. Chuck steak, kale, and bake potatoes. With a little bit of not sour cream and sprouts.
Lunch I found sort of four items. Crackers half of them a dip in white cream stuff. and the other part I spread some liver stuff on it.
and yogurt.
Dinner was a simple BLT. Now it came to me I had ricotta cheese.

When I was young I love gram crackers and milk and I had large crackers and milk.

      Well I got notice from "Liz" that she can't help with our local pagan group. Her and I started Spairfitera it mater of a family trouble. Her granddaughter is having surgery and she needs to be there for both of them.
I will try to continue on. Confession time...I'm some what apprehended on doing the group. I have a speech trouble called Auditory Dyslexia and how pronounce words can be a struggle for me. I'm not deaf! But at times I can hear my self mispronounce certain sounds. In simple term my brain and tongue don't cognate together.
I rarely read out loud. I complete understand what I read.
Hopeful others will be there to see it grow.
Our next event will be coffee and chat on Sunday Morning the thirteenth in the morning at Super One Deli.

      I finish up the turquoise and add second mix color ball on to the rag rug. I'm liking how it coming out. But not sure how to finish it off.
I also finish anther dish cloth. This one black and I did it in half double crochet using back loops only.
Today Murphy and I did up eight pints of green beans.


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