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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I Wasn't Surprised Of The Results

      Weighed in at our T.O.P.S group and I was up. Confession time...I had my finger crossed that I would only gain less then a 1/2 pound.
As for snack I had four pieces of salt water taffy. My client more or less said I could eat a small bucket of her taffy. I real like taffy but a bucket full. Hopeful she was happy that I ate four pieces.
Usual at Super One at the bakery section they have free samples of sweets. Today it was white cake with chocolate icing and fancy sprinkles. I grabbed a piece but it end up being two pieces. Confession time...I should of toss the one pieces away or the right thing was to not have any.
 Breakfast let me see bacon, lettuce, and  tomatoes sandwich. I had mind on multi grain and flax toast. Mayo and nothing else.
Lunch I made my self and burrito wrap...Lettuce, basil, garbanzo beans, tomatoes,  and cheese. Personal I want a little bit of shallot and my husband said I would like it raw. Opinion time....What does men know.
Dinner was a plain a hamburger. Well I haven't had a plain hamburger for ages. I had it on multi grain toast. It seem like white buns and ground beef. Feels like a glue ball in my stomach. Diced up some shallot and press it in the patty. Slice tomatoes, lettuce, relish, ketchup and mustard.
One last thing I forgot is I ate some Marion berry yogurt.
I had quite a bit of water and if I get a good start in the morning I keep going. Cranberry juice is what I had with dinner.

       Someone told me OKRA gets real tall. I have to say our is doing super good considering how far north I am.
Murphy said his mom always grew a little bit of Okra. One time in her life she lived in Georgia.
The plants on the trills going gang buster. We're thinking of doing anther trills not as long so tomatoes can grow up on it.

 Looks like we're going to have plenty of tomatoes this year. If everything works out we will can some up.

Our shallot harvest. I believe we can grow less of them.

      I thought and I should of given up on thinking what my clients will and won't do. As I said early in my posting. That I weigh in and I though about noon I would of went over to Carrie and we would of went out to hope house (give away house) and I was going to donate some mix nuts. During the summer months they make up gallon size storage bags which is made into nice snack bags.
My client was in some much pain and she was taking 3 oxycontin and her dosage is 2 a day. One in morning and night.
She also has hydrocodone for buffer which she needs to wait a lease 4 hours or more. Even has to wait a lease four hours after she taken her oxycontin.
Plus she take lyrica.
The doctor told her she needed me to help her with her medication. She look awful and her skin was cold and clammy.
They talk about getting and hip replacement for her. A lease they got the ball rolling.

                                         Coffee is on


  1. man oh man, i haven't had a good bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich in years. i keep meaning to buy one of those pre cooked black forest hams but every time i got to the supermarket i get sidetracked by the candy aisle and the bakery.


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