Sunday, September 07, 2014

August Report

The warmest day was on the 11th at 98 (36.3)
The coolest day was on the 24th at 44 (6.6)
The average high was 76 (24.4)
The average low was 53 (11.6)
Rain fall 3/4 (1.9)

Here is a few blogs I stop by in August

The Exxon gas station is now the Chevron. I can recall it being Husky Gas and Oil
Road construction is still going on the south hill over pass and Kootenai River Bridge.
The town of Bonners Ferry was name after "Edwin Bonner"

Here some small non box store. Those mom and pop places

Coffee is on


  1. It sure has been a beautiful summer here. Seems like it is taking them forever to get done with the road construction between here and Sequim.

  2. Per your comment on my blog... The North Cascade highway is a lovely drive.


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