Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My first Pagan Ritual.

My friend Murphette and I went to Spokane and attended our first pagan ritual. If your wondering if anything strange went on. In all honesty “No” I've seen stranger things in christian church. Like “Holly Roller”
Sometime back I put in search for local pagan groups. First I tried “Bonners Ferry pagan group” which came up with none. Didn't surprise me a bit. Tried some other town closer then Spokane but no luck.

I don't know what or why I want to check the INLAND EMPIRE PAGAN GUILD But they seem to be something I would be comfortable like an ole pair of jeans.

When the word Pagan is mention it covers a big selection of faith. Just as other faith does. One need consider this is my very first ritual. I guess different people of different paths does the ritual and a gentlemen lead us in ritual. He leans toward the Scandinavian version . Although I didn't under stand all what he was doing. I did understand the part of giving thanks and offering to the Gods and Goddess.
It wasn't nothing fancy, nothing strange was offered, store bought lemon aid and some bread. Kept our clothes on. No one cut them self and offer up blood to the Gods and Goddess.
Next time I might try might making a video or taking picture. I got two and they weren't all that good. So I tried to find a image of a pagan ritual and couldn't fine anything close to what I saw.
The entire thing last 10 minute or so. That including explaining pagan first harvest celebration 
LUGHNASADH or in simple term LAMMAS

After the ritual closed we all went in and had a potluck dinner. Visited I enjoy my self and felt quite welcomed.
I don't see my self going back until October. I just don't have the income or time to go to all there events. I figure once month I could make it to something.
I would like to go down in September but it looks a busy month for me.
Murphette and I are looking at going down for SAMHAIN  

Coffee is on


  1. ...I wouldn't think these group meetings would cost. That's all new to me.

  2. I went to a Wiccan ritual decades ago. Interesting.

  3. Sounds like you are finding a place you fit in well. Best of luck with that and I am reading for coffee myself.

  4. We’ve always been interested in these things. TW has known people who dabbled in wicca.

  5. From what you say, nothing much happened. You weren't too inspired to go to a pagan meeting again. It needs to give you something, otherwise what is the point in attending?

  6. I agree with Francene. I like coming away feeling uplifted spiritually high. Sometimes I go to the woods alone and do my own thing giving thanks and I feel very uplifted.

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  8. I haven't yet found a pagan group closer to me. This one is about 100 miles for me to drive.
    I've talk to a few pagan in broom closet in my area and those who I talk to feel our community isn't ready for any pagan activity.

    Coffee is on

  9. I have been to a Lammas festival while I was on holidays in England, and had a lot of fun. I think beliefs are very private and everybody is free to have the one which suits the best !

  10. They all vary, and after a while get old.

    There is a spiritual gathering near here once a year but I haven't been to it for a few years.

  11. No gods
    No masters
    Spirit of one
    Seek no leaders
    Seek no followers

  12. Yes. everyone should be free to choice and not fear to express one self.


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