Last Call

Wasn't sure what I would get when I googled “Last Call” when I think of last call is, about the time the  BARS ARE CLOSING 
But this time I'm shouting out "LAST CALL FOR A TO Z CHALLENGE" If they were serving us drinks and they sure would need a lot of booze, over SEVENTEEN HUNDRED so far sign up for the A to Z blogging challenge.
 So there would be plenty of chance to meet new bloggers.
With this many taking part in it. No need to worry about someone be so cock-eyed you sure could fine some person to tell you all about this BLOGGER CHALLENGE


  1. Bloggers group on Facebook really helps drive you traffic on the site recognize your site to search engines. they can help you with edging on comments. i got like 15 of them groups. ;)

  2. This is an interesting challenge. Wonder if I am disciplined to post daily for 26 days? :)

  3. Whoa, we post 6 days a week minimum, I don't think I could add to that schedule. Thanks for the info though!

  4. I love this challenge idea!

  5. 1700 wow! I wonder if I will be able to read all of them?!


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