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Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Tracks About Yule Season.

Recently I start a meme called 8 question and growing I don’t know where it all have gone but I thought of answer some of the question out in blogger world.

What's a favorite holiday memory of yours? I’m child who had Santa part of there life.
So every Christmas eve I put out a few cookies and glass of milk. And 9 carrot sticks for his reindeer.
Well one night as I was going to bed on Christmas Eve and as I was sleeping I felt something touching me and not quite waking me up but sometime later I had to go the bathroom and wondered out and the tree sparkled this magic.
All of the goodies were gone so I knew that Saint Nick was there

What is your favorite holiday song? I don’t what it is but I have a hang up over the Magi and quite a few times I’ll sent Christmas card of Three Kings.
I also like the song We Three King of the Orient
Then I like the back ground music and sound to the Christmas Carol which is God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen


  1. How funny - my favorite is we three kings, and my husband's is god rest ye merry gentlemen! Guess we can all go caroling together if we ever get the chance as there won't be any disagreement about what to sing between us 3 (smile)

  2. I think one of my favourite Christmas memories is Christmas after we would come home from midnight mass. My father would put on the Christmas tunes..my mom and older sisters would put out a midnight snack...and we would sit up for a couple of hours...and then they would try and get us to bed so Santa could come....

    Favourite song...oh there are lots...but I do like Oh Holy Night...

  3. I think one of my favorite memories is our x-mas stockings. Mom made one for my brother & I out of felt, bright red, with a tree and a bell and our name on it, the top of the stocking had fleecy material around it. Every year my brother would wake me up early, early in the morning and we'd go down and get into our stockings. There was always an orange or apple in the very bottom. I still have my stocking.

    I think my favorite x-mas song is Joy to the World. I think it's a very joyful song and I loved singing it in choir at holiday time every year.


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