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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Got Me Buffaloed

Some day I just don’t understand how some people are, even my self. Well as your know I do home care and got a wonderful client who I would even consider a true friend.
As I said before she terrible over weight and recently her diet been plain shitty and she knows a lot about Nutrition but she eats crap which consist of processed foods of carbs and meaty protein.
This morning I cooked a waffle and 3 eggs over easy fried in butter.
Then she had me slathered it with butter and maple syrup although I know pure maple syrup is better then the other crap and butter is a lot better then margarine.

God is always telling her to do things she on SSI and her income isn’t all that much.

She hasn’t bought clothes for years and at size 3 and 4 X one must go to the specialty shops.
So as she was buying these clothes, which she needed but real, couldn’t afford.
So it ran her short on money so she had to get a food box for her self and the other day I went to the food bank and got salvaging which a person can use one week which usual consist of bread and dairy which safeway foods gives there expire foods.
Then Lewalla our friend shows up and things were looking a little tight for her and it not like it been a little tight for any us.
So Donna gave her 100 bucks to help her and it ran her short.
You see God is always tell her to do things. She believes she so filled with the holly spirit and the devil can’t have any influence on her.
See I don’t think she every thought for her self or is a afraid to.
Well I have a lot of respect for good spirits of great wisdom to me it doesn’t matter which path it came off of.
But here is verses on Helping others
Then there always to side to a coin which I always thought was a bible verse but it came from Ben Franklin it goes as follow
The saying, "God helps those who help themselves," came to us by way of Benjamin Franklin (1736). Franklin himself was a deist and so he believed that God did not play an active role in men's lives. In his point of view if man was not able to help himself, then man was hopeless.
I have no quirks about helping others but you don’t lay your self so short. I even help others.
She also tithes 10% of her income. And also on tithings I don’t have any trouble of someone tithing and I even do it in my own way but she sent it to Pat Robertson Opinion time….I don’t believe it not wise to put your eggs in one basket If one desire to tithes divide your 10% up and sent it among various groups or people.
She could give $20 bucks among three different avenue and if Pat Robertson is one of them that fine.
I real thought it was nice to help Lewalla she could of gave her 40 bucks and sent Pat Robertson 20 bucks

She receive these dvd on raw food living and God told her to go on this life style of eating program.
It would be a whole lot better then the crap she eating now.
Oh who knows when she will go on and for how long.

One day we been talking matter of the spirit and the topic was your body is a temple and she had a very uncomfortable look on her face even with a little bit of quilt. Here some biblical quotes on temple of your body

plus I have a real hang up with our medical systems, home care agencies, and Medicaid
I don’t believe any sort of our medical systems wants us to be health and take charge of our own life.
The home care place works something like this in Idaho. If some qualifies for Medicaid and then if there is a health issue then one may get home care, which I do.
I have no quirks about that
Is the way they issue it. It done by a point system they thought up and don’t think out of the box.
Some how Donna get 15 and three quarter hours a week.
But actual the home health agency real don’t want them to get any better. The state pays them and out of that we get our paychecks.
Opinion time…I would invest a little capital improving there health this could be done in so many ways.
Like I said my client Donna is mobility obese and even she drop a 100 pounds it would help a lot still she would be mobility obese.
Even help her change her diet and do a exercise program and at first it would be at a sitting position.
Plus I think they ought to pay for alternative medical treatment not just the ones the American medical association or the drug companies.
Plus talk about a point system why don’t they sit up some type of point system for the individual and for every point they make that they do to improve there health why don’t they give them some type of rewards and they can cash out.
Let say they earn 80 points and that could give them a 20 gas card or something like that.
Aren’t you glad I don’t run the country


  1. There's something really powerful about linking thinking about healthcare on a big political level with what it actually means in people's lives. You're right in there seeing what could help and really make a difference. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

    Oh, and I know it took a while but I have finally answered your meme. Thank you so much for including me!

  2. Well I don't think any health care system is perfect. But people have to take responsibility for their health...and I am sorry but it doesn't sound like your client is making healthy choices.....I would agree that there should be a better system in delivering care to a person such as your client...but as you stated...they have to want to make a change.

    Health care needs to look at Prevention....but that is a hard thing to do...as it's hard to keep statistics on prevention...like how many heart attacks were prevented because they were able to help people change their life style...would they have had a heart attack with or without the intervention of prevention....how do we know...we don't(well we do) but governments don't seem to like to tract those kinds of stats.

    Interesting post....PS....did I make it in time for the calendar exchange?

  3. Well I did vote for Obama, but if for some reason he backed out, I think it'd be pretty good if you ran the country. Common sense and straightforward thinking are what we need.

    This poor lady sounds like she has a boat load of problems - she is lucky she has your help in her life!

  4. I think the government wastes enormous amounts of money trying not to spend any and giving people just enough to keep them surviving but not living. It's a crazy system. I pay 17% of my monthly stipend for Medicare Part B. I'm lucky to have it so on the one hand I don't mind, but what really bugs me is that somebody who gets $80,000 to live on pays the same amount each month that I do which is something like 2% of their stipend. Doesn't that seem crazy?

    As for the other, I don't think the government can legislate people's personal choices or behavior even if they are self destructive. I'm morbidly obese myself and have issues walking (not because of the obesity though I'm sure that doesn't help). Maybe it's rationalization on my part, but at a certain point there isn't much you can do to lose weight when you have other issues as well. Doesn't mean it wouldn't be smart to eat better but I don't think it's her choice and not the government's. Or that's what I think.


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