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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABC Wednesday Q is for...

On Wednesday I enjoy doing ABC Wednesday
Below my ABC Wednesday will be my posting on soul coaching

Q is for…

Quick Draw McGraw

This is one of the cartoon I use to watch many years ago. Please click here if you want to read more on Quick draw McGraw

Today topic for Explore your relationships for soul coaching

I don’t feel and or I don’t want to claim a spiritual path of an organized religion.
I find comfort in most everything in life.
I find wisdom and knowledge from all.
I find how one want to communicated with spiritual side of life is fine

I’m not total sold on one solid area when it comes to anyone faith. I find it comforting plus I get more out of it when I read short little piece of spiritual bits and pieces.
I can’t list all where I may get my spiritual life. Some comes from different teaching, tarot cards, praying, runes, and most of all my free spirit.
Personal time…I believe we all have free will and we as individuals are responsible for our self

I’m very thankful that my parents never shoved any certain religion down my throat.
Their been times I wish I wasn’t so rush and stuck in rut that I had a few minutes in my life to take time and do more for my spiritual life.
Then I need to find a little time to be more creative


  1. You inspire me to look for comfort and wisdom everywhere.

  2. Creativity is a wonderful activity to help you feel connected.

    love, light and peace,

  3. I agree with Jamie, in fact you have come to symbolize comfort and wisdom with the posts in your blog!

    Thank you for the coffee! :)

  4. Anonymous4:28 PM

    i believe that there's always a time for everything. i probably wouldn't have the peace, joy and wisdom that i have now three years ago, have i not experienced what i've experienced over the past two years that made me search and learn about God more. so i do believe that now is the time for me to learn things i'm learning now. yesterday wouldn't have been the right time. but now it is.

    and yes we all have free will, i also thank God for parents that didn't shove down my throat their beliefs in life. but i also thank God because He allowed me to learn things the way He deems fit for who i am as a person.

    God bless you, peppy. oh, and thank you for the coffee. =D

  5. Very inspirational and food for thought.

    Have a great end of the week, and great post.

    Love, Jess

  6. I remember that cartoon. I had forgot about it until I saw this post. I always enjoyed it. It is sad that they don't make those old cartoons for the kids now

  7. I know that cartoon! Thanks for the flashback!

    What an inspiring post. I would definitely agree.

    By the way, maybe you would like to join my bloggy anniversary giveaway :)


  8. I remember QUICK draw.

    I am QUITE late this week visiting your blog.
    I was feeling QUEAZY yesterday.

    Bear((( )))

  9. That cartoon looks cute. I like the illusrtation on the cover. Very cool! Hope you have a blessed day.


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