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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Weather Report for September and Other Stuff

September has been a stunning month with the color changing daily.
The weather is what I call prefect not to hot not to cold. As Goldilocks would say “just right”
The hottest day was September 16th at 80.9 (27.1)
The coldest day was September 1st at 33.1 (0.6)
Average high for the month was 71.7 (22.05)
Average low for the month was 37.8 (3.2)
We had a 1-inch of rain (2.54)

Well there a few quick reminders and a few new things I want to brief all of the readers both old and new.
Pea of Pea Corner is having her Halloween give a way
I start a new survey on my side bar on the economy take a minute and give me your opinion.
Then on the 25th I’ll once again be doing my “In the Know” and the question will be “What holiday don’t you like and how would you chance it”

I thought it was about due time to get back to trying to loose some of my weight and I been doing Baby Tea Leaves “Hot for the holiday’
Confession time…I real feel off the wagon and hard The weight I did lose I gain it back.
But some reason I don’t want to do Fitday it seem like it takes a lot of time. But I know it helps it helps me see were I’m at on nutrition and it helps me to increase my exercise level.
I thought I could decrease my allergy medication boy was I wrong. Sunday Murphy and I went up on Barton to cut firewood.
I hope this weekend to tell my reader about our adventure.
Now back to my allergy. Sunday I was feeling great and I decide maybe I don’t need it every day and by Tuesday my throat I had that drip in the back and my ears feels like they’re plugged.
Then by Wednesday I had the crud.
So I just rest and took the next few days easy.
I take allergra D which runs a little over $120 a month.
I’m thinking of retrying Zyrtec it an over the counter one but I just want to sleep on it.
Clartin just didn’t do a thing for me.
So my weight is back up to 200 pounds and I want to be down to 190 by Halloween. That 10 pounds


  1. Good luck with your diet! I've lost 4 kilos in one and a half month and still trying for more!
    And I saw the woman with the hat in my map! Rich imagination!

  2. Dieting sucks! But - I wish you good luck and hope it works. Thanks for visiting my blog. Loved your coffee. Ummmmm - delicious!

  3. I have a weight problem too after I hit 40. It doesn't seem to go down no matter how much I starve myself. lol...


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