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Monday, October 13, 2008

Friendly Visit With My Son Sawyer.

Yesterday we down to see our son Sawyer who been staying with his cousin Sam and his wife Amy.
It helps all way around.
Sawyer is going to collage down at North Idaho College.
Sam has a hauling business and a honey does type and Sawyer helps with it.
But I have to say our Nephew is so right wing in his politics. He believes in the trickle down theory and all the muslin's our out to kill us.
Personal insight…Most extreme rich people I know will try to get buy for cheap as they legal or won’t get caught at
I worked for a home care company and every year med caid would give them a raise in cost of doing business and do you think they pass it on to any of us. “Hell no they didn’t”.
But now I work with one and they give us yearly raises and twice a year bonuses.
Plus I think my nephew has different ideal about a Jewish state and what I do. He is one who basically thinks the Jews are gods chosen people.
statement time…I real need to learn more about why Jews are god chosen people, see I’m lacking enough knowledge of different sources to form a personal opinion on it
I think we all god/dess children and we all are individual children that our loved.
But I also believe no religion of any sort such be able to sit up there own state or country. It cause to many problem in the government. I’m not saying people of that area don’t have the right to worship.
But other then Sam political ideals we real a sweet guy and very kind hearted.
Plus Sawyer and his dad went shoe shopping. Murphy and I both have wide shoes so they end up heading over to Spokane to get a pair at Rizzutoes
All and all we had a nice visit.
Plus they been good to Sawyer and I aspirate that and how it good for my son to see and hear other point of view so we can be more inform.


  1. Just popping in to say "Boo" - hope I didn't scare you. But, you have a Halloween/October treat waiting for you on my Tuesday Blog today.

  2. It's hard working for a company that's main purpose is helping people-yet, they can't even help their own employees. I've done that, it's a test of patience.

    I have to admit that I kind of believe that Jews are "god's chosen people". I'm not jewish, but I have learned a bit about the faith over the years...and of all the religions-it makes a lot of sense.



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