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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Open Doors (4 sets of dreams)

I’ve had a busy week so far and I want to be part of this photo challenge called “opening doors” which is being hosted by Heaven In Belguim and Thursday was the only day I could get this in on.
I did lot of my posting over last weekend

This is our door from the outside unto our basement. Two things I would like to in basement is to be set up and do all types of art mainly with clay. I would like giving my hand at wheel throwing and sculpturing.
I know nothing about woodworking but I have to say I admire it a lot. So I thinking I like to have a little wood shop in the corner.

The slider to our home needs to be replace and it goes right into the dinning area. Oh I could serve you some tea or coffee.
Sugar or cream anyone?
As I sit at dinning room table I thought I could be an interior designer, be a writer of many things a speech, a play, or even books. I guess my blog is my book of my expression and life.

This is the front door right into living room. Notice the geranium. I’ve been told that they keep evil out of house.
Oh well I guess evil spirits has two other doors they can use but we won’t share that with them.
Please have a sit where every you want and please be comfortable.
Would you like something to drink?
I might not have all the answer to your life but I can listen real well.
My mom had this saying about people who came to your front door. “Only tramps and sell people comes to your front door”

Now this door goes into my kitchen. Actual I’m a good cook and better creative in the kitchen.
Would you like to stay for a bit to eat.
Dinner to night is watercress soup with bok choy and green onion.
Add a little miso for flavoring.
Then along with your soup I did open face sandwich with ground turkey cooked as patties.
Oh I real just want to cook up some chicken breast. No small package in the store.
Add some slice olives, slice tomatoes, slice mushroom, slice avocado, and melt cheese to hold it all together.
One thing I’ve dream about in kitchen is to be a catering chef.
I have no desire to work in a fancy or a cheap café.
Notice the broom I can make sure that the evil spirits are swept away.

I guess behind every door it offers you your dreams in life


  1. Oh I like the doors...and your stories to go along with each door...very nice...and yes I would love to come for tea.....

  2. Glad you could join the the project if only for one day. Thanks for sharing the many doors of your home with us.

  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning.

    Thanks for sharing your doors with us! I'll have coffee with milk, please.

  4. Doors lead the way to dreams. May we have the courage to push them open!

  5. I think you are the first one who shows her own doors, lol ! thanks for the coffee I take it black with sugar !

  6. There are no evil spirits.
    It does not work that way.
    But your dreams WILL come true.
    I just know it.

  7. I think I'll have that coffee now.
    Can you put a huge dot of whipped fresh cream on it please?
    It's heaven ...

  8. I enjoyed seeing all the doors from your home. Good post.


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