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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drip Drip and Some Pounds Did Drop Off

I went to the doctor today because my ears feel plug and there this drip in back of my throat.
Anyhow it allergy problem.
And they weigh you and I lost 3 pounds since the last time I been on pair of scale. We don’t own a pair of scales even.
It seem like everytime I loose a few pounds what I do is celebrate my lost by eating or if I don’t loose or even gain I eat once again.
So I decided not to own pair of scale at this time.
So most people I know have a scale in there bathroom so I can hop on it and weigh in.

Part of my personal fitday they have a place for your body measurements.
So far I lost about half of inch around my bicep.
I was going to give you the measurements of under my boobs but I messed up.

I use to have a milage counter on my blog and every 100 miles that I put in my walking I would go out and get a piece of jewelry.
But for some reason I can’t get it back up.
The more I think of it and someplace I walk keeping track of the miles isn’t all that easy.
I’m going to switch over to every 25 days I walk longer then 20 minutes then I’ll get my self a piece of jewelry of course it will be costume.

My activity level is same thing day in day out and I real like doing yard and gardening work.
I’m thinking of doing some type of reward for gardening.

Well today I went though some of dress drawers and the top 3 pairs are little tight but the buttom one is more then a little tight

Well the good news I’m down to 196 pound. So by Halloween I want to weigh in at 190 pounds

I forgot to post about Small Town RN here what she briefly says “Then I got another idea. I know bloggers are such a generous group, I wondered how they would feel about knitting a basic square. I thought if I could get enough squares I could make maybe another afghan or maybe even two and then donate them to the Mental Health Society.
So what do you think. Are any of you interested in knitting a simple 8x8 plain old garter stitch square that I could make up into an Afghan? Please don't feel pressured I just thought, there are a lot of generous bloggers out there that might want to help out a cause.
To learn more about this please Click here


  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I don't own any scales either. They just take up space in my bathroom and the cats throw litter from the box on them ha ha.
    I hope your alergies are better soon. Enjoy your day

  2. three pounds, that's great! unfortunately i do have a scale and unfortunately i do exactly what i shouldn't, which is weigh in every minute of the day. i do try not to but it calls to me! great job on the weightloss. i find that just "moving" more, gardening, walking a little more, any and all activity helps!

  3. Wow great congrats on the weight loss...it always feels so good doesn't it.....keep up the great work...whatever you are doing it's working....

    Thanks for the link to my post about the knitted squares...no takeres yet, but that's ok...it was just a thought....

    You have a fantastic day...and keep on walking girl!!!

  4. Don't ever get off your soapbox and keep talking. We have to win this one.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Mine come and goes. I could get back on that treadmill...but...well you know.

    Have a Happy Friday.

  5. Congrats on losing the 3 pounds! And thanks for the tip on the knitted squares! I'm going to go right over there and sign up to make a couple squares. I love to knit, but never know what to make. This sounds like a great opportunity.

    It's nice making contact with other Hot for the Holidays participants. I've lost about 3 pounds, too.

    Thanks for visiting my site!


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