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Monday, September 01, 2008

August Weather Report 08

Well this summer wasn’t all that bad. But once August comes to close I automatic think of fall or Mabon season.
The warmest day for the month was on the 17th at 101.5 (38.6)
The coldest day for the month was on the 30th 36.0 (2.2)
Average high for the month was at 84.1 (28.9) actual between Augusts of 07 and 08 there wasn’t real any change on the average high.
Average low for the month was 48.6 (8.9) for the low average there was some different between this years and last. It was 6.1 degree cooler this year then last.
Last year (07) we didn’t get any rain. This year we got 2 inches (5.08) and it all happen on last week of the month.

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Today is a celebration for working people. It would be a true statement to say I grew up in a hard working class family my dad worked for different railroad for over 50 years and was member of the Teamsters and my mom ran and worked our berry farm.
The last figure I hear only 8% of the working population be longs to some type of union.

As today I don’t know who more at fault the companies or we consumers who let bad labor practices go on.
Yesterday I stop in after Sunday services at home depot to price out some sliding glass doors.
Honest time…I know vinyl has nasty chemical such as dichloroethene and other stuff.
See I know about the nasty chemical is vinyl and how much vinyl one needs to be around to do any warm I don’t know.
But I’m not claiming to be the smartest person to walk on this planet. But I know something of vinyl.
Well at this time our slider needs to be replace it has aluminum frame and it leaks like sieve and older then dirt or not quite.
So as I was looking at the sliders I know the wood frame ones our about $1,800. I know wood would be friendlier to our health and the environment.
But I can get a vinyl slider for $700.
I don’t know were the wood one made but I know there is a different between $700 and $1,800

Even when it comes to everyday shopping I know lot of our products we buy are from sweat shops, some place that manufacture our goods has no or very little human rights.
Then of course the added or nasty chemical they use to make the products we buy.
Confession time… As I go into the store to be a consumer of goods I put this knowledge in back of my head
and support these businesses.
I’m like a lot of people I have to look at the price tag.
Don’t mean I buy the cheapest either.
So both us consumers, people who produce the goods, and who sells it is all equal are guilty of poisoning each other

Jientje at Jientje is hosting the next photo challenge. She has said:
There a photo challenge going around now.

I want to start another challenge this week called "Opening Doors" ...
The only thing I want from you is to post a picture with a door in it.
A door, a gate, ... even a detail of a door.
Old or new, it does not matter, as long as it is a door, right?
It does not HAVE to be a new picture, you can browse in your archives,
anything goes ...
This challenge will start on Monday September first and end next Saturday.
You don't have to join in EVERY day, if you don't feel like it,
I'll install a new Mr Linky every day, which you can sign when you participate.
I'm really looking forward to this ...
If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Two reminders…On the 25th part of my In know the question is tell something about what fall/mabon means to you and if you live in southern hemisphere tell about spring I’ll leave this wide open.

Then don’t forget to go over to my side bar and do my survey

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