Friday, June 06, 2008

Light of Hope

Today is Friday and actual I like doing a few of fun meme on blogs. But today I’m only going to do Skywatch Friday which is being host by Wiggers World

Recently I’ve been feeling frustrate with my life.
As I said in past post how I want to open and do ceramics for a living again.
I was planning to quite doing home care once Bart finished High School which will be this time next year and invested my time in the ceramics.
As you know the economy here is on real shaky ground and people aren’t spending money non-essentials items.
So the light showing though the clouds reminds me of “There is a hope of Light” but some days the light is not very bright.

Thanks for listening to my grumblings


  1. Your weather looks like ours has this past week.
    Sympathize with you when it comes to the economy it is very scary the way things are going. Having a motel we are really feeling the effects of travelers, being just a small 9 unite mom & pop we do see that the folks who still travel still don't mind paying those higher prices at the chain motels. Good luck

  2. Beautiful! I like the soft glow of the light.

  3. Really a moody photo..which is good in my opinion.

  4. I hope you can make your dreams come true. This is a wonderful photo. God bless.

  5. Anonymous8:05 AM

    The glow gives a special touch to this photo!

  6. Your image and your closing words are wonderful compliments to each other!
    Welcome to Skywatch.

  7. nice shot, i know what you mean about life... their is always hope. Have a great weekend!

  8. I am an eternal optimist, yiu have to be. Lovely image.

  9. great sky watch!

  10. If you compare your picture to real life, so you perfectly know that weather will enlighten. What we ignore is the time it will take. All is not entirely dark, this ray of light must give you hope in your dreams. They're in the background, but not so far.
    You must try before giving up.
    Thanks to visit me, I will come next week, and maybe you'll get a sunny picture.
    "Naples"! I thought you were Italian.

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your photo is lovely, too.

    I see you want to open a ceramics shop. if you get a chance, go back to my blog and read my post from June 1. I closed a scrapbook store a year ago. If you have any questions, feel free to email me privately via the link on my blog.

  12. If you wanted to show how depressed you are with black clouds hanging over you, then you succeeded well! It looks beautiful too, though.

  13. This is a dark sky.... but I'm sure that sun shine is waiting around the corner.

    Only you can make the choices in your life... all I can say is if you have a gift/skill and a longing to use it then do so now before it is to late.
    I would rather make a mistake than wish I'd taken that first step towards fullfulment..

  14. Gorgeous, moody picture.....


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