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Monday, March 17, 2008

Some of My Family Came From Ireland.

As For St Patty I wasn’t to keen on what St Patrick did to the non christens which is plain intolerant of others belief

But I have to say I’m proud of my Irish heritage. This is the story I been told why one of my ancestors left Ireland and came to America this happen a very long time ago even before the potato famine.
One time one of my relative said something rude about a king over there and he had a choice to get his ear chopped off or get on ship and head to America and I understand there a little bit of land which is Pennsylvania and landed there.

I haven’t seen proof of this story I been told. But I know my Irish ancestors left Antrim County and I to my understanding I still have family over there


  1. Hope you have a very Happy St.Patricks day and Happy Easter Week too..

  2. My family came from Ireland to Penn. too, I wonder if they came at the same time We have it in our records that my ancestor Frances Fincher helped settle Penn. along with John Penn. Wouldn't it be fun if we were related.


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