Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hosing Market is Effecting Us.

My hubby Murphy works in tree nursery like any other job it has different out side factor.
Well I’m not going to go into all the factor but one of them is there is not as many new house being built
So when someone puts in a new subdivision a lot of the time the new housing units will buy trees from the local tree nursery around here.
But what I under stand last year I believe this nursery sold about 50 truck loads and now I hear then only sold 25 this year cut down in half.
Plus there been talk one of their larger buyers hasn’t called yet.

At this time Murphy been doing construction work for them and today he dry wall a lunch room.
There are rumors that the owner of this place wants to build some type of building out there.
And Murphy got hired on middle of planting season and the owner of the place was pleased with his knowledge of trees.
So hopeful they’ll fine out jobs for him to do

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  1. Hi, here via Blog365:
    I make a lot of typos.
    I enjoy typos.
    Your "hosing market" was so appropriate.


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