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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Free Cab real Be a Real Disapointment

The United Methodist Church had a rummage sale and you fill up a 13 gallon garbage bag and make a donation. I took a bunch of ones and I gave them four dollars. We all got some clothing and few small decorative pieces.
I have to show this before I donate to one of the thrift store or see if my sister in law Faith wants this book

Bathroom book I was hoping to fine some great or small ideal for our tiny bathrooms. These entire bathroom feature in this book is same size of my bathroom or even bigger.

Tuesday we went over to Murphy sister Faith to visit and to fine out that their Aunt Shirley gave them an entertainment center.
We have been looking for one and it was in back of Heinz and Faith pickup and we thought it was prefect plus it was free.
So Murphy drove their pick-up and I drove our car home first so I start to clean out our old entertainment center.
Well I Bart and I got it all clean up and put the T.V in the slot and it was a quarter inch to small so we tried to modify it but no luck. honest and feeling time…out of great sadness and disappointment

As you can imitation how excited we was to get this new entertainment center so I start to clean and all the crap out of it and threw it on the coffee tables. Confession time…I was total clueless what I want to do with it since we been sort and purging things from under our basement stairs. I really didn’t want to deal with it all that bad.
Since it didn’t work out everything went back into the old entertainment center

I got a free subscription to ELLE DÉCOR by the way of Mamma Saves Big she has six department to her blog I guess department is good way of explaining it.
So if you Click here you can get your self possible free magazines, paper and other reading material

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