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Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Just Can't Accepted

The ones who conceive that they will meet their Lord and that to Him they will return.


This scripture is from the quran and I understand there is more to this verse then what I got posted.
I understand the word “conceive” is to accept something. I don’t or won’t complete accepted something that is man made such as religion of any type.
No it doesn’t matter the type of religion it my be or not be.
Does it mean I’m rejecting god/dess love “No” actual I enjoy having a personal relationship ship with in.
Does this mean at time I falter “Yes”
I have some confusion about matter of spiritual matters. The christen say accept Jesus as your personal saver.
Then Islam says accept the teaching of Muhammad as your personal saver.
Then if one doesn’t accept one of these teaching their called “nonbelievers” or if they have a different form of worship they are in occult.
God/dess gave us the heart to love and receive love.
Once we truly love from our heart and wish no one warm but goodness from our heart. We would live in a better world.

To read more about this verse please Click here

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  1. I can understand the uncertainty of what to believe at times because there are so many who say this or that one is the right religion. Personally, I don't care what religion someone believes in...if they're happy with it, then I'm happy for them! I think we do all need something to believe in, though. xox


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