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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Creativity and the Empress

I recently drew the The Empress which represent creativity but I like to give my take on creativity.

I brought to life into this world Sawyer and Bart. I don’t have any desire to bring anymore in now. Confession time…I want 8 kids at one time what was I thinking.
I truly enjoy all sort of creation and do I have a favor “NO” ok I’m not all that keen on violent images and it doesn’t matter what media one is using.
Confession time…When something violent comes on TV. I’ll cover my eyes I guess I’m a wimp.
But I enjoy all kinds of creation it would take me pages and pages of what I enjoy. I see a lot of beauty out in world and it doesn’t matter what time of season it is even with all of our snow we have now cover the earth.
I find snow drifts design quite interesting.

As I’ve been posting about some home designing we been doing around here and Murphy and I always don’t see eye to eye on every thing we learn to respect each other opinion and most of the time we can come to some type of compromise.
I don’t have a favor type of interior style. I wish I had a room for every type of theme they are. But I live in no mansion.

Ok talking about interior design. My mom had a mint green kitchen with harvest gold in it. To me it real doesn’t sound appealing to me but actual it real did blend nicely together

I like the creative of writing to I think we all have wonderful ways of expressing our world by words all so the same but yet different.
Each blog I read out there it makes me laugh, some time shed a tear, get a knot in my throat, get up set, think what a jerky situation, and even a good belly laugh.
But all of human have the same life nothing real to outrages or very dull. I’m thankful for that

I been doing a little creating with my ceramics. I actual got one pieces done and one to high light.
If someone was going to ask if I had a favor pieces I would have to say “no” but I like to do every piece different and it doesn’t mean any big changes

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  1. Creativity the spice of life....I like that...we all dance to different drummers I think that is what makes this planet such a neat place...


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