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Sunday, January 20, 2008

To Many Are Caught in the Net of Poverty

I haven’t yet figure for sure whom I’ll be voting for President this time around. But I think Mitt Rommy would fit in a better position other then President of the United States. Such as in a cabinet post as
secretary of health and human services

Living in a state with high Mormon population one thing I do agree is there welfare program and how they help out each other in many accept of there life.
Honest time…I’m not expert on the Mormon religion or any faith but living around them I seen and heard how they better enrich each other life’s.
Opinion time…Our safe net for the most of the time entangles them in life of poverty
This is my ideal on how to better enrich a person who lives in poverty.
Let them have there regular benefit but each community will have a center that they could apply for directed help to better there life.
Anyone who needed an extra boast could apply for a special aid.

Let say a low income person car needs a basic tune up they could go in front of the community aid center and state there case in front of the community board members. Which everyone on the community will serve a 2-month period and will explain why they need the help and the board members will take a vote and any extra help will have to be approve by a 2/3 majorty.

I work with the low income people and most of them aren’t dirty people but there monthly income real don’t go far enough to take care of any unexpected things that happen in life

With a good secretary of health and human service that keeps it populace health both physical and mental poverty will decline

Confession time…I’ve seen a food box that the Mormons give out and have to say I was bit jealous I seen fresh meat, fresh veggies, fresh fruit, toilet paper, and etc

A person working at a minimum wage job in one hour they make $5.85, in 8 hours they make $46.80, in a week they make $234.00, in month they make $936 and in year they make $11,232 in a year. This is base at a 4o hour work week

To learn more about health and human service please click here

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  1. Anonymous1:28 AM

    would you believe that $936 a month is minimum wage there but a huge amount of money here? if minimum wage here would be the same as what you get there, wow! it'll be heaven for a lot of people here.


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