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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Someone Might of Open Your skelton Closet

Yesterday I was watching the Dr Phil show and there topic was people who there self in a compromising ways
I guess there are people who have items posted on different on line sources, who would post picture of them self in nude, drunk, or even high.
Ok I know only “fool, want to see their names in public place.” Ok I have to confession time…I posted some damaging info on my self
But I never use anyone real name but all is true what I post.

I like to take a different look what might be posted on different site. In today world with technology that someone could take a picture of you and posted. They might called it
"People who shops on Main Street"
"People and the corky habits in a dressing room."
And the list could go on and on.
Who know if your neighbors, which I mean the whole wide world at this moment couldn’t be posting something about you true or untrue that isn’t real flattering to your character.
honest time…I know I haven’t always posted flattery stuff about others on my blog
But I don’t think I’m the only one who posted or bad mouth others on my blog. Honest time…I don’t try to make it a on going thing but I’ve seen people sitting around bad mouthing others to anther person

I don’t see how anyone would find out if there posting any personal information on any place on the web unless they got a life time to do it anyhow and if they use fake names like I do.
So why loose sleep over someone else posting might have some dirt on you.

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