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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Well Recieved Part Two.

More of an up date on the holiday happening we had Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Dinner over at my in-laws Faith and Heinz.
We had the usual Oyster Stew and Pizza for Christmas Eve dinner and other goodies to go along with.
Heinz Son in law did Christmas Dinner and he ran a tip- top kitchen ship.
I think it would be great if from now on women did Christmas Eve dinner and men did Christmas dinner.
Plus clean up. I wouldn’t have any complaint about switching the meals around.

Sawyer had to come up from Courd’Alene for the Christmas gathering and he stop by and picked up his cousin Bruce and brought him over.
Feeling time…I thought it was very sad how everything played out with My brother in law Earl and Tadita I would never wish what happen to them on anyone But I was glad that Bruce came over for a while.

I got a little something from my client Patty and her dog Rex. They gave me a mug with an angel and Patty told me “that I was an angel” and some coffee with raspberry flavor which I like.
Sawyer took sniff of it and thought it smell good.

Murphy got me some goose yard decoration for Christmas. Both Boys and I thought “Decoys” for hunting.

Part of my 150 on line gift card I bought my self an Eagle Cd and Bart called it “Old Fuggy Music”

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  1. hope you had a wonderful day, Dora! I am just catching up on commenting - xoxo


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