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Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Black Bull Is Taking It Easy

I haven’t had a dream for quite a while and I had this odd dream last night.
Let me first give you a run down of the map.
Number one is where I live.
Number two is where two is our new neighbors
Number three is an old neighbor that once lived in number two house.
The letter P stands for Pasture.

One morning I notice a few Hereford cows and black angus bull out in the new pasture to left of house two so I decided to walk down and see who they are.
There this guy with dark hair a small caliber rifle trying to shoot a coyote and he missed.
There this little ground squirrel looking at us.
I went up an introduce my self and he invited me in to meet his wife we sat down in the basement and I notice there this brown wooden kayak hanging from the sealing.
They said the guy in house three isn’t all that neighborly I said yes “I know” I haven’t had any trouble with him but his wife will a least wave.
Then they told me that he looks at My space and criticize people. I said “I don’t have much to do with my space”. Then I said “if some looking around on the computer to judge others on their faults real don’t have much of life.”
I excused my self and later that day Murphy came home and I said the new neighbor seem to be ok I’ll take you down and introduce you to them.
We walk down and the Mrs was sorting though the shed and as I was introducing Murphy to her

The alarm went off.

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  1. Dreams are so strange. That one was pretty vivid! Hope all is going well and you are enjoying this season!


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