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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tooting One Horn

I don’t mean to toot my horn. Honest time…I real mean to toot my horn Pea of Pea Corner hosted a wonderful Halloween Swap and my package I sent went to Bob and Teri in Missouri Ok I bet some of you are wonder what does this lady have to toot her horn about.
I actual painted the scarecrow

I’m one like a deal Friday and Saturday I went yard selling and to one of the thrift store and got a few bargains here and there.

I found this food dehydrator at the local thrift store and it wasn’t marked and I said how much and the lady said $4.99 and I said it’s a deal. It look like it never real been used, except there is no instruction with it.
I believe you can pick a new one up at Wal-Mart for under $30.00

I went a yard sale south end of Bonners Ferry which had quite a bit of stuff and they had this little green cleaning machine which I been wanting a steam cleaner for my carpets.
But this one for smaller areas and furniture.
Well they never used it and still had all the paper work for a warranty. I ask how much they said does $20.00 sound fair and walk around a picked up quite a few more items. A couple of Christmas Presents, some movies on vhs, and cook ware.
So ask them if $30 sound fair and they took it. I paid a dollar an item except for the cleaner.

As I mention in my pass blog and that I collect giraffes and I pick this up at the thrift store plus that also where I got my food dehydrator.
At the yard sale I went to earlier I found an Robert Louis Stevens book called ”Children Garden Verse” which sometime at a later date I’ll share some of my favors of his work.

Our Kitchen Faust been leaking so we had to replace it and went in home depot to find a new one. They sure have a large assortment and one would have hard time choosing.
I actual want the one that looked like a beer tap

As of tomorrow Monday the 28th I’ll be involved with Fall y’ all give away I won’t be adding anything new to my regular blog until after the give away is done.
I’m also doing for the month of November Nablopmo and I bet if you go there main sight and put in the name of “Peppylady” I would pop up.
If you post everyday in November you have a chance to win something. So as the Fall give away is going on I’ll be posting over at nablopomo for a few days


  1. That little scarecrow you made is just delightful, I know that Terri was very happy with it:-) You have every right to toot your own horn! hehe You certainly did find some great treasures at those yard sales and thrift shop!! xox

  2. OH those all look great....and your garage sale finds..good for you....you got to like a good find...

  3. Great bargains!

    The Garden of Verses book is one that I have from when my mother went to school, except mine has a blue cover.

    Enjoyed your post.

  4. Your scarecrow is too cute! Nice job!

    Wow, you got some great deals, especially the food dehydrator. What are going to make with it? I think I'd make beef jerky!

    Good luck with NaBloPoMoing!


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