Sunday, March 26, 2006

Something Missing

I finely started to take lexapro for the first time yesterday afternoon. It made me very sleepy and I just watch an old movie “sinking of the bismark”. I went to bed around 8 that night and fell right a sleep for 2 hours then wide a wake for anther 2 hours and pretty well I was like this all night long. I had a real hard time waking up and I still feel like I’m a zombie or smoked a bunch of Maui wowie. I haven’t seen Maui wowie since I was in my early 20's.
I was reading side effect of lexapro. After reading the side effect maybe I’m not real giving it a fair assessment. I’ve had dry mouth, slight fatique, and sleepiness. It a small percentage of people have these results and I’ll see my heath care provider Wednesday.

My friend Quenelle and her husband Earl came over. Quenelle and I tried to add her site to google adword Well we would get 3/4 the way done and I’d loose what I did. Opinion time...I would like to help Quenelle finish up her site so I can move unto my home project, ceramics and life I don’t mind helping Quenelle get her site up.

I feel so disconnected emotional, physical, and spiritually. honest time...At this time I feel a big avoid in my life Not sure what I need to feel my avoid in my at this time.
When things get stressful I have these anxiety attacks that I feel like someone/how I’m in a coffin and the lid got nailed shut and out of blue I’ll start to worry about things. My boys even tells me every so often I need to take a chill pill.
It seems like if I get upset over something I’ll be big time depress and don’t give rats ass. Positive Note...I never thought of warming others or my self I real believe their hope

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