Sunday, October 25, 2020

Today Is Sunday October 25 2020, This Is What Happen

 For some odd reason I am craving jello. But time I get it made and sits up, the craving will be gone. Not much happen today, and I like days like that. I don't seek excitement these days.

Murphy and I went up and visit with our friend Qunella. And we all wore our mask. I understand Kootenai county is just south of me, a bigger populated area. Our health dist removed the mask mandate and numbers are going up. But the county commissioners is taking a vote. If passes I understand if your caught without a mask, you could get $1.000 fine. Not sure if any steps like that going to be taken like that here.

For tonight I would like to talk about two things I did for my Samhain altar. My main candle color is black and I am not much into candles and color. 

It depend were one look and culture of the meaning of black. It said it physical color to absorb light and in pagan could say it will take away negative energy. Let not bury our head in the ostrich hole our ancestors who paStasses is far from Saintly and when the come to visit we don't need to deal with their negative attitude. Here in west it associated with evil, mystery, and illness. Queen Victoria wore her black dress after her beloved Albert died, for forty years. But like the Middle East  countries look at black as rebirth. But in African countries it Age and Maternity. Question time...How do you look and feel about black...For my self I find black an easy color to follow a good directional that usual can work with about any color for geometric shapes and such. A very classy color and meaning of authority.

What would Halloween be with out a pumpkin. I know the story of guy name jack who did trick the devil and now wonders the land with his lantern. But other places had more to carve and made into a lantern was Turnips more scarier than a pumpkin. But saying all that so what does pumpkin have for Halloween and such, with out taking a knife to it. It looks like the main reason is for a food source. They now come in all colors, shape and sizes. If all else fail why not look up what does pumpkin symbolize...resilient, growth and abundance. It said if one dream of pumpkins. In hebrew pumpkin "Kishuin" meaning difficulty. Statement time...Some of big one is difficult to move. One may have a good time with time limited. Remember Cinderella and by the stroke of midnight things was to chance back. It also very GOOD FOR YOU 

Work week coming up. But I believe Monday I will have a chance to finish up anther page for my sketchbook project for the brooklyn art library.

Not sure what I was thinking or if I was even in my correct mind. I was wondering if there was such a thing on web of picking a random color. Well the answer is "yes" So I found this site called COOLORS and thought of putting all of my fabrics in, using this site. It could help one find a matching or compliment colors. Than I had a palm in face moment and thought when will I every have time to put my fabrics on site. Confession time...I have fabrics and I will leave it at that. This print I was planning to use it for a block that has a tree in it. I was wondering what the color generator would come up with.

 Coffee is on


  1. I like black because it is easy to wear, it goes with any other colour and no worries about colour clashing.

  2. I have always liked Black and find it to be a Soothing Color and great for a Meditation Space. I do think in Western Culture they put more Negative connotation on the Color and on many things that need not represent what labels are put on them. I hate when you get a Craving that can't be satisfied, too bad you couldn't get some of those pre-made little Jello Cups to satiate that odd urge you had for it. It's interesting what we crave sometimes. Like you, I prefer days when not much happens, it's more restful and calming.

  3. Funny with the jello!

  4. ...most evenings I enjoy sugar-free Jello!

  5. Our county is leading our state in new Covid infections, it's higher now that it ever has been. Not many masks here.

  6. Black is a great color. Very calming and just a great color to meditate with also.

  7. Black is a major fashion statement here in New York.

  8. I think you will know what colours to match Dora, we had to before computers ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don't have a deep meaning for black, except it definitely is a slimming colour ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. It's so true about colors and cultures. I think of black as a neutral, but not something that's great when it's hot outside.

  10. Sorry for not visiting, had trouble with my blog as it kept signing me as someone else and i Just managed to fix it. Lovely drawing of the pine cones and needles. Good job with the drawing. Black is considered a taboo in Asia, only wore to funerals and for mourning. But the younger generation is surely changing this tradition and wear black for weddings while the oldies frown with despair!!


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