Sunday, September 27, 2020

Today Is Sunday September 27 2020, This Is What Happen


You can see the deers are roaming around at night. Our game camera and one catches all sort of interesting things. I hope nothing exciting comes across. So a quite day. As I post I will share two more photo off the game camera. Thinking of getting anther one for backyard, that's where the birds are. Saw small woodpecker.

Well hubby and I finished the last part of cleaning the deck off our dining room. Well as for quilting I pulled out seven pieces of pink fabric and press them. I should be able to get them cut tomorrow. It seems most of them our more on dusty rose coloring.

I'm reading a book on CRAZY QUILT quilting and I don't know why these quilt fascinate me. 

In morning Hubby and I are heading to Sandpoint, his regular doctor wants him to see a cardiologist. The reason he is being send his pulse rate tends to be on high side. So not sure what sort of test or if any will be ask for. We will try to get most done what we can our home town. When I heard first heard that my husband had to go a cardiologist, started to wonder what going on. Well once I asked and found out I was relief. After we're done with the doctor. Stop in at there Safeway and grab some milk and head home. I then will go to work, should be there before noon.

As we were sitting down to eat. It came across the news that our President Trump in 2016 paid $750 in taxes. And lot of years he paid zero. Today I wrote a check out for our quarterly taxes of $550 and I do this four times a year. So go head and do the math. If we get any part refund it usual applied to following years taxes. 

I sure hope my blog friends enjoyed the random photos from the game camera. Maybe you can find something interesting. I said I was going to do four you tube video this month. I hoping to do anther fabric un packaging, either Tuesday or Wednesday.  

Coffee is on



  1. I saw a cardiologist about two and a half years ago now, because my blood pressure was too high and he had to check if there was any damage to my heart. Thankfully I have no damage and now my blood pressure is under control. But I still need to lose weight.

  2. I only see little red squirrels from my balcony ! Trump knows how to live ! He should give the money he stole to the poors and to the health care ! A shame !

  3. Yes, great photos.
    I would be the last person to defend #45 but there is something wrong with your tax system, as there is here too, when rich people don't pay tax. I expect he paid the correct amount of tax according to the system.

  4. ...I love crazy quilts!

  5. We like seeing photos from the game camera, they are fun to see.

  6. Fun with the cam. Yep. Your orange baby was on German news with the taxes, too. Can you believe this. How can that man sleep at night.

  7. I love those game cams. - And please. Don't even get me started with Liar In Chief or his appointed judges.

  8. Don’t worry about his taxes. The Manhattan District Attorney is on the case.

  9. The game camera looks like fun. I hope you caught all sorts of interesting images.


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