Thursday, January 23, 2020

Today Is Thursday January 23 2020, This Is What Happen.

As you know my washing machine is having issue with spin cycle. But this evening as I was rinsing off dinner dishes our kitchen spray decided to be geyser.
Well if Murphy want run up North to one hardware store he could get a sprayer head. But there been a few things we been talking about getting out of Sandpoint.
Which would be a bed spread of some type. Some of you might be thinking why don't make quilt for it.
I wouldn't have clue when I would even get to it.

Went over to Methodist Church for there community lunch. It was rice with some type of chicken sauce.
I left the fruit salad, the dressing look like dairy base. Not good for my stomach. Plus no fun either.

Been working a little bit every day on some crafts. This evening I been cutting strips for an up coming throw quilt. I am calling it a “spotage” quilt.
Sometime I have trouble telling navy blue from black.
About ready to cut some of these blues into width of 2.5 inches and length of 7 inches. I have lot of piece to cut.


  1. Oy, the kitchen sink! I like your temporary fix, though.

  2. Takes a lot of patience

  3. Nice looking fabric pieces. I hope your sink and washer get fixed soon.

  4. Glad you have someone who can fix things quickly like that!

  5. Sorry to hear about your household issues Dora.
    I hope that you get everything in working condition soon.

    Those pieces that you have chosen for your throw quilt are wonderful. Love to see it finished if you would like to share it with us.
    Have a lovely weekend ☕

  6. Sorry about the sink and the washer. That's annoying.

  7. We know that things that break with water involved are no fun!

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  9. I had once that situation :3

  10. Hope your sink and washer get fixed soon. No fun dealing with that.

  11. I do hope your sink and washer get fixed soon.
    The fabric looks nice.

    All the best Jan

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