Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Trying to Put Things In Some Logical Order

Didn't sleep well last night. Having not sleeping well has many effect on one health both physical and mentally.
Thankful no life decision choices need to be made.

Haven't ate dinner yet, and I have about 350 calories left. Not sure what we are having, only thing I know for a meet we're having BEEF LIVER for dinner and what else not sure.
Since it super hot for here. Got up to 96 (35.5)
So I been using the tread mill which I find boring.

Did some brainless cleaning and organizing the one desk in computer room. Which I have several ideals for.
But for now it ok were it is. I did find my sketch book that have my tarot card drawing in.

I am thinking strongly of doing a local video tomorrow on my area before it get to hot. But I am not sure where yet or what.
It would have to be in the morning.

In my dream I had visit from one of my older first cousin "Rod" who pass way. Now it would be some time ago.

Coffee is on  


  1. At 350 calories left all I could eat would be soup. I'd probably just go over my calorie budget, then have to spend more time on the boring treadmill. We have just enough smoke from forest fires here to make it better to not workout outside.

  2. I never had liver. Hubby does.

  3. Not a fan of beef liver.

    Curious that you’re dreaming of your cousin. What are you trying to tell yourself.

  4. Sorry you didn't sleep well. Hopefully tonight will be better.

  5. I don't know how many calories are in beef liver and if you keep the portion on the small side and just have steamed veggies like carrots and greens, you should be under the 350 calories? Of course this would mean no potato, no biscuits or bread and no dessert, but tomorrow, you could save more calories during the day if you prefer to have potato and/or bread with dinner. I'm having a big bowl of chicken and vegetable soup made with pearl barley instead of noodles and no bread with it.

  6. Wonder why Rod popped into your dreams...

  7. I am looking forward to seeing your local video.

  8. With a goal of only 350 calories left.... I would choose something other than liver. :) But then again.... I would probably ALWAYS choose anything over liver! :)

    I am sorry you are having sleeping issues. I am not sure if this may help or not.... but instead of counting sheep, what I find that works pretty well for me sometimes is to count and repeat over and over one particular number.... over and over. I get so bored I fall asleep. I think it forces me to stop thinking about whatever is worrying me and keeping me from sleeping. I used to also go smoke my pipe and that helped... but sadly that is not an option for me now.


  9. Liver is full of good nutrients.
    Sorry you didn't sleep well, hope things have improved.

    All the best Jan


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