Thursday, August 15, 2019

To Right and to Left Of

A true full day of our county fair. And this time it all open.
This time around I am going to try out my vintage sitting camera.

There four entrance to our main exhibit hall.

Let me brief talk about how I am doing on becoming more healthier. My three main focus is movement, better eating, and water.
Out the three it seem I can get two of these down. But when it comes to the third one it seem not come into play.
At fair yesterday I got over 13,000 steps. My daily goal is 7,500.
Just quick up date or progress report on how I am doing with me trying to decrease my saturated fats. My goal was try to keep it between 18 to 15 grams, or a lease at 9.8% of my saturated. For the last two weeks I been at 20.8 grams but the percentage I been at 10%

This year I only entered two items and these entries are to the left and right of me. The first one I actual  know the person who did it, a pour over style..
As one can guess I entered a photo in fair.
Both Regis and Liz entered a few items in the fair and these piece where around them. 
Hopefully tomorrow I will have chance to share what I entered and also my friends pieces.

Coffee is on 


  1. The main hall looks spacious, plenty of room to move around and see everything.

  2. This is what we call a flea market. Cute pic btw.

    1. Hari OM
      Iris, a flea-market is a regular pop-up where any folks can have a stall to sell any sorts of goods and they may or may not be professional stall-holders.

      A fair (a bit like the county shows of the UK and OZ), is an annual event specifically for farmers, horticulturists, and other artisans to display their pride and joys; often there is competition for 'best in show' and such like which can boost their business for the rest of the year.

      DORA - I like the vintage setting, it suited these subjects. YAM xx

  3. Yes, the vintage setting worked well with this subject.

    Glad you enjoyed the fair. I want to hear more about what you entered.

  4. Thanks for sharing this fair

  5. So many cool things to see at the fair. Looks like you're getting the hang of your camera.

  6. Not following what you mean about your vintage camera. Do you just mean you're using an old camera to take pictures? Are you then printing and scanning them so you can use them here on the blog? I used to prefer using my camera over my phone, but these days the camera's in phones are so far superior in terms of color, and sharpness, plus the ability to take lots of pictures quickly over my digital camera, I've not used it in two years. Looks like the fair was fun. Would like to have seen some of those quilts up close. Good luck to you, hope you win a ribbon.
    Sandy's Space

    1. There a vintage setting on my camera

  7. Hope you items did well at the fair. Glad you are sticking to some health goals.


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