Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Small Moment Of Moving Forward

Weigh in at local weight lost group and the new officers were installed. I became there new secretary and continue helping with weigh in.
I lost the most for the month of July, 3 and 1/4 pounds. Down a pound for today weigh in. Well for biggest lost in July I don't have to pay dues for month of August
Dues is dollar a week.

Still playing with the do-dads on my camera. So the cattle came over to there late summer pasture.

I decided to try the VIVID setting  although probably cattle wouldn't be the best choice for this setting.

Then I tried the SEPIA setting. Statement time....the word sepia to me sounds like a illness of some type.

Let go back to weight lost expedition. I haven't figured how do follow though on food, water, and movement.
Usual I been packing my lunch and try to pack four items in my lunch that leans toward the healthier side
In photo above is piece of chicken breast, broccoli, almonds, and graham crackers.

This week is our FAIR. I will be entering a photo and painting. Question time...What is a fair like in your area?
Our fair doesn't have carnival that comes in. People enters any thing from there goat to home made pies.
Not very commercialized.

Well got a few more things hauled out and went to thrift store. And there a small load in my car to be given to the thrift store.
If I wasn't working I might consider selling some items though ebay or facebook yard sale site. I don't have time to list it and see if it goes.
Murphy and I decided to which way to move dresser so I can set up sewing machine.
Still waiting for my s hook with clips so I can hang my purses. My purse habit isn't as bad as my fabric one is.
Well then I want to order three some type of tote to put my sewing project in, instead having it hither about.

Then how I want to do my fabric so I can see what I have. Last few days I been looking at KONMARI FOLDING METHOD. I believe the way she has the dresser folded. I could apply this for fabric.

I smell my lunch


  1. Your fair sounds like a lot of fun. The Long Island Fair is kind of pathetic.

  2. If you are going to put your fabric in drawers then the Konmari Method would work well, but if you have it in totes it will only work if you have the fabric in one layer. Can you stack the fabric on shelves like in a linen closet?

  3. Konmari method is ruthless if I remember correctly.

  4. You made me laugh with your "sepia" :-)
    A fair here in Germany is just overly expensive. Also fleamarkets are often commercial... it´s all just about money, sadly.

  5. Well done on the weight loss Dora. Sepia makes the images look a little vintage. You will have to show us if you decide to go the Konmari way 😊

  6. I wonder if you will go for the Konmari way? Do please let us know.

    Very well done on your weight loss :)

    All the best Jan

  7. I have to say that folding method is making my life easier too!

  8. It's nice to sell stuff, but you're right, it does take forever for someone to purchase.


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