Friday, July 26, 2019

Time I Give I Slow

It been slow going but still moving a long. I want to find some containers to put my creative project in.
So Regis and I went to few yard sale. I didn't find any thing that grab me. Confession time...I didn't look at that hard, for simple reason I have to much stuff and clutter.

Never notice these, well Regis did and he only want the guts out of it. But I'm looking for three different size of putting projects in that I am working on.
I figure this will be either a small or medium storage.
Regis gave a dollar for it and when I go in Monday I will give him buck for it,
Now to figure what project to put in it.

As I mention on how I was going though things sorting, tossing, and haul items to thrift store. I been organize things on the computer. Slowly getting rid of my coffee drinks. Most all is going over to what they call a reading list, part of design area.
Then I am going though photo and between each photo there like blank piece of paper. I see no purpose in this.
So it being toss, and I will put my photos on some thumb drives and give photos to my son.

We had some storm came though and trees and such were down.
In winter we don't have much light. As our sun is in the Southern Hemisphere but they lightly log and with the storm taking out a few trees. hopeful it will let a little more light in during the winter months.

Don't know why this is. Yesterday I worked a swing shift. So I ate my main meal about 1:30 or so. I went to work around two.
Well I came around seven. And I was hungry,
My meal eating time is breakfast around seven, my lunch between 12 to 1. Dinner between 5 and 6.
Nothing after 7 pm.
I keep  my calorie count 2,060 up to 2,310. Usual I am slightly under the 2,060.
My goal water in 40 oz a day most day I meet this. A few times I been over but not by much.
But my big thing is finding time for my walk.
Last little while I haven't even been getting in 4,000 steps.
Some how I need to be more accountable for my steps.

Coffee is on


  1. Must have been some storm to take down those treees.

  2. That looks like a good bag to keep some stuff in.

  3. I had a tree branch fall on my house and a big one on my neighbors deck

  4. Keeping a steady eating schedule is hard when working swing shift. When I did, I'd often eat dinner at 11 PM.

  5. Colorful bag. I am far from the most organized person. It's scary when storms take down trees. You don't want to be in the path of one of those trees coming down. Alana


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