Sunday, June 30, 2019

Had to Wait.

Yesterday I did my part one to my introduction, about a tour of where I live. Hopeful some time during the week or so I can get more about my home state of Idaho and the northern part. After reading the comment from my POST on location of  Idaho and they thought it was one the eastern state.
We have 3 Midwest states that start with letter I...Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.

We had a discussion group with local pagan and it was over dreams. I guess there tons of meaning to our dream.
I keep a so so called dream journal. Some time I might dream and get to busy to write them down. As I got more in to dream journal I also wrote down how I felt in my dreams. Then I go back and re-read my dreams and notice what similarities they have.
When I am in building the clock and calendar is at the number one. Also there no conflict in my dreams I get a long with everyone, but reality my life has conflict. Not much conflicted. My dream life is perfect and in real life it not.
I have a lot of green in my dreams.

So I am going to host our next pagan party which will be LUGHNASADH OR LAMMAS  and this time we will have CIRCLE to celbrate and give Thanks for harvest and wishing the farmers best.

I also finished up my so call bullet journal or my plans and goals for following month, for me which is tomorrow.   One thing is to be more mindful of what I do, less on automatic pilot.
As tomorrow arrives in it beauty and glory it will be June Report. And I can go back on facebook.
Confession time...I didn't miss facebook although that much.

Coffee is on


  1. People don't know where Idaho is? *shakes head*

    1. That was me, I live in Australia and don't think much about which state is where in your country. Mostly I know Canada is above you, Mexico is below, California is west and Florida is east. Everything else I have to get out the atlas if I want to know.

  2. As I’m in the Southern Hemisphere our pagan sabbaths are opposite to yours. So we will be celebrating imbolc Getting ready for spring to arrive

  3. Your pagan celebrations are fascinating

  4. I´d love to hear more about the place you live in.
    Strange how your dreams and life differ.

  5. I love to hear about where my friends live. I'm looking forward to hearing more. I used to keep a dream journal. I really should do so again because my dreams have become so powerfully interesting now. I know they are trying to tell me something.


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