Sunday, June 23, 2019

Get Ready To Get In The Political Arena

Our first democrat debate will be two nights of debates. A large field of contenders is trying to get NOMINATION for democrat party.
Now for some good ole trivia and tid bits about politics and those who ran for office.

1. Here is qualification for our PRESIDENT President Franklin Roosevelt had more then TWO TERMS

2. When it come to underhand statements, even when founding fathers ran for office. Dirty politics was well in fashion...Adams camp accuse Jefferson of racial heritage his mother was Indian squaw and his dad was mulatto. And also was toss in ring that he has atheist and a LIBERTINE. Editor note...had to look up libertine. 

3. There 6 woman and 17 men running the democrat party. And there two men running for Republican party. Editor note..#14 is the two candidates for Republican party.
We all think of Hillary Clinton as first female to run for president. But there was VICTORIA WOODHAUL and ran under the EQUAL RIGHT PARTY

4. Youngest candidate to every run for president was WILLIAM JENNING BRYAN and the oldest who every ran MIKE GRAVEL
as for 2020 run off for youngest is Butigreg and Gabbard. Although not quite sure if Gravel is candidate or not, If not then it Sanders as oldest.
The average age of the candidates in 60.

5. There other political party although not well known but we start with FEDERALIST PARTY and ANTI FEDERALIST PARTY was our first two political party. The two newest party that I could come up with were the AMERICAN SOLIDARITY PARTY and JUSTICE PARTY

6. Our first President had four people on his cabinet. A Secretary of State, Secretary of Justice, Secretary of War, and Attorney General.
John Adams are second president add one more cabinet a Secretary of Navy. Right now if I count there is 19 cabinet members. Plus you can add vice president for cabinet position.

7. This time only three of candidates serve in the Military. 26 of our past president have serviced in Military.

8. Looks like only 2 has not served as elected official and the rest have, in 2020

9.First election was probably ANCIENT GREEK

10. I see quite a few countries have there election on SUNDAY here in United States there on Tuesday.

11. Trumps campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" James Polk campaign slogan was 50-40 or fight.
Pour it on Harry. But here two more slogans from candidates who didn't make to white house.. "The Hero of Many Battles, WINFIELD SCOTT and the other one was First In War First in Peace.
One of the newer ones "Taking over the government to leave everyone alone" Some of the slogan for 2020.

12. Who top dog with social media. Depends what one looks for in winner. DATA SCIENCE could have some interesting facts from different social media accounts. There some interesting tid bits of what CANIDATES may be saying. 
Over at Trumps TWITTER ARCHIVES in tweet in last 883 days he uses the term FAKE NEWS 473 times and one more term FOOL 83 times.
And some numbers of SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS of candidates.

13. there 34 seats up for senate, and for house 435 seats are up, which all of them. Then there some gubernatorial races which are 11 of them.

14. To be fair there two candidates on the Republican ticket DONALD TRUMP and BILL WELD 

15. From the Urban dictionary DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN

Editor Note...This wasn't all that easy and would of liked a little more tid bits and such. American politics can have more drama then a soap opera.
Question time...What interesting about election in your area, past or present?

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  1. Hari OM
    Ugh... am having enough trouble trying to keep track of what's happening here in the UK right now Dora - every bit the schemozzle and bean-fight. I just think politicians have forgotten what politics is actually about and see it instead as a chance for celebrity. Yeeeech... YAM xx

  2. Wow, what a fact-filled post!

    Some facts about a past election in Hong Kong: our head of government is called the Chief Executive and we're currently on our fourth. Although they're referred to as "elections", the process is more of a "selection" as only a selected group of people are allowed to vote for the Chief Executive -- with the current one, Carrie Lam, having only received 777 votes to win.

  3. I think US politics is a soap opera Dora 😉 We have our elections on a Saturday, voting is compulsory, if you don't vote you get a fine but I can never understand why anyone would not vote. It is everyone's opportunity to make their voice heard. I wish you luck with your elections next year, if the Democrats don't get their act together soon, that idiot could win again 😱

  4. Good luck may the best candidate win! I've added you to my bloglist so I won't miss your posts.

  5. I am not looking forward to another presidential election. The last one was so antagonistic.

  6. Our elections don’t run for as long as you. Thank god we can only take some much back biting and lying
    And yes our actual election day is on a Saturday but we can go and vote early in many early voting centres or alternatively we can send in our votes via mail
    No matter what.
    We all usually end up with someone who lies and just does what’s best for them and their friends unfortunately we the little people get forgotten for another four years

  7. It is so sad that this is how we elect leaders and so sad that too many of "our" leaders are in it for power games rather than to really make a difference.

  8. What is interesting about elections where I live? Nothing.

  9. Interesting collection of info. Now go vote ...

  10. For Presidents Day one year, I was covering a journalism class and I "helped" the student who was writing the trivia article. He had a hard time finding facts, too.


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