Thursday, June 13, 2019

For What Every It Worth.

I got home later in day and didn't have time to visit many blogs yesterday. I have no real set pattern of blogs I may read. But I try to make a point to stop by a few new blogs.
Do you recall when e mail is all the rage and my space also. I never did "my space" It seem for me dealing with e mail is mainly junk. I went though and most of today e mail I just deleted.
Then I been going though my photos on lap top and between each photo there like a blank piece of paper. For me that the best way of explain it.
If there techie term I just don't know it.

I figured how to change my name on you tube. And I am still trying to get 100 subscribers. I have two ideals for up coming videos. But I need to do a little research before I do my next videos. I might as well leave my LINK to my channel.

Being off facebook has been a relief. At first part month I posted "Dora Witherell Vandenberg been spending WAY to much time here on facebook. I need to set some bounds of my time here. It effecting me in a negative way and basically other things are getting neglect. So for the month of June and remainder of May. The only activity I will be doing on facebook is my creativity groups and pagan groups, which will be less then one hour per day. So no other groups will be visited, no emoji, no post other then listed above, no sharing, no comment or replies. But not on a daily bases I will post over on my blog facebook page "having coffee with peppylady" and my personal creative page "nice and nifty stuff"
Start to wonder if facebook had me hooked in as boarder line personality. 
These here is my bounds and in July I will see where I am. Hope you will enjoy these two photos... 
Have I kept completely on track "No" but I been well satisfy on how well I been doing. 
There just to much drama there and I was getting caught up in. There a few things I step out of my bounds. Like yesterday or the day before my daughter in law posted this...Good morning friends & family. My name is Maude & I have a pacifier problem. It has been 36 seconds since I last had my pacifier. It all started when my parents gave me one at 5 days old and it was love at first suck. Since then they have continued to shove one in my face at every sign of noise inconvenience. Grocery shopping, airplanes, weddings, when I throw a fit at bedtime - I know how to get my beloved pacifier. I am now 10.5 months old and wake my parents up AT LEAST twice an hour to have a fit when I lose it in the middle of the night. So as of TODAY I am going cold turkey. Support & coffee for mum and dad is much appreciated.
And I thought it was cute and ended up liking it. 
As there thing I do like about facebook and when July rolls around and I need to set bounds on how much time I want to be on facebook.

I been getting in my morning walk before it get to hot. Plus a few other chores around the place. Took a few bags to the thrift store.

Remember I was telling you about the scrubs I been picking up. Started to make locker hook hot pot trivet. I am hoping to take part in an UNBOXING over at Banana Peppers. The next un boxing is something size of 8"by 12". (20cmX30cm) 

Maybe something I need to post on my blog is about maturity.

Coffee is on


  1. MySpace...I was never on that site. My kids were, of course. I spent a lot of time on AIM back then, chatting with friends.

  2. I've only ever done blogging! When I think about how many different platforms there has been/still are … it's mind-boggling!

    All the best Jan

  3. I joined My Space but I am not sure why now. I like what your daughter in law posted, as she spoke for her baby.

  4. I did MySpace for a hot minute. In fact, my first blog was there, before I migrated it to Blogger.

    I keep all the blogs I follow on Feedly. Every time someone posts, it keeps it there. I go through until I've cleared out my feed. It takes a while in April, but the rest of the year it probably takes an hour a day.

  5. I thought you were going to be doing locker hooks after I saw the pic of the strips of fabric!!! How fun!!!

  6. I was on MySpace. Hahahaha. I even had a playlist and everything... Crazy... I imagine one day we'll all look back and wonder why in the world we spent so much time on Facebook...

  7. I remember my kids with their pacifiers (called dummies here in Australia), my oldest one would throw hers out of the cot and I would pick it up like a game, then one day I said "if you throw this one more time I will throw it in the rubbish bin." So she did and I threw it out. She was seven months old and didn't care. She didn't miss it.
    I never did My Space or anything like that.

  8. I never did MySpace either, I don't understand Twitter and although I use Facebook it's got far too many whingers. Blogging is best! x

  9. Yes, I remember when email was all the rage and myspace too. Actually, I'm one of those people for whom email is a major method of communication. I guess that -- as much as my not having a smart phone -- makes me a real dinosaur to many people! ;b

  10. I was going to comment about how I use FB, but I lost the post somehow. Basically, I try to stay out of the fray in comment sections and manage to do that for the most part.

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