Saturday, June 22, 2019

Changes and I Need To Occur

Didn't increase my walk. And usual on Saturday I increase my distance. But I was little short on days I walk. I like to walk five days a week, and Tuesday and Sunday is my days off from walking.
But for some reason I haven't drop any weight this year, and struggle keeping what I lost last year.
My guess what I am doing wrong in order...not enough water, portion size, and movement. They all need to increase except the portions.

The PUBLIC LIBRARY has changed over the years. PETERBOROUGH LIBRARY was our first public library in United States, paid with tax dollars.
But it when someone mention word library one would think of a place "books" but there is THIRTY EIGHT different types of libraries.

Our community has a wonderful little LIBRARY and in 2017 was reward "Best Small Library"

Yesterday Regis and I went and start to learn about the FAB LAB. We learned about the AFINIA H480 3D printer and Regis made a little chair for one of his figurines. 

Then each of us got to use the EPILOG 24 Laser Cutter.

And here the piece I did. Husband want me to make a plaque with our house numbers on it.

So Here some of what one might consider MAJOR CHANGES. Question time...What needs to be changed in world? 

Coffee is on


  1. i need to do the same three things you noted here, move more, eat less and drink more water, they work if we do them.. i am stuck at the same weight for a year now.. woo hoo on the 3d printer. have fun. can we see the chair your husband made? congrats on the library.. i have loved libraries my whole life. i use my kindle to read now because it is easier to see the print but i still get them from the library. mother started me at the library in Savannah GA when i was 5 years old.

    1. Regis is my client (person I take care of) and he made the little chair. Sure I don't think he will mind if I post photo of it.

  2. Libraries have changed and adapted to modern times and are now wonderful community spaces.

  3. We have a larger laser cutter but just last week the tube overheated and broke, so we had to order a new one. I should write a post about this once we get it back up and running. ;)

  4. Cute smile plaque.

  5. I love the last one for sure. Our house-number is 10, just saying ;-)

  6. What needs to be changed in this world? Well there needs to be more tolerance ad less political correctness, and people need to stop being offended at the slightest little thing. More laughter would be good.

  7. Don’t get me started on what needs to be changed in this world, you’ll have to drag me off my soapbox.

    Libraries are fascinating places, adapting to a new world by offering new experiences.

  8. Economic inequality in society is one of the things I really would like to see changed!

  9. Libraries are amazing things.


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