Friday, June 07, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Pop Number Twenty Seven

Didn't complete anything of creation this week. Went though some items trying to get rid of clutter and do some organizing.
But no minimizing lifestyle for this girl but I'm tired of this clutter.

I can't say I didn't do anything. I did some prep work toward and up coming project. And plan some up coming projects.

Let talk about the prep work. I have a you tube CHANNEL of my own which I don't actual make that many video. and I have a feeling there might be a few confession here.
Confession time...I don't like my own voice.
One video I like is GRA3YARDGIRL and her other channel BANANA PEPPERS recently she did a thing called PROJECT BLUE. And she will have anther theme of a unboxing.
I will be sending her a hot pot trivia made from old medical scrubs.
But my goals is to get 100 subscribers to my you tube channel and I will be having a drawing and giving away a rug I made out of medical scrubs.
So above is some the ends I couldn't use. So it a recycle and or re-purpose craft.
Confession time...I don't or can't find any baby boomer video and most of them I find on you tube are stuffy. So I find the millennial's breath of fresh air with there ideals.
Almost got anther page done for my sketchbook projects. Just need to add key. Next week I want to start anther page.
Confession time...I can't find my sketchbook I been doing my drawing of my tarot cards in. Maybe I need a break.
For more creative and art please stop in at PAINT PARTY FRIDAY

Last Sunday Murphy and I went for a drive up over cooks pass. It was lovely day. I was total shocked we complete made though the entire mountain pass.
What actual concern me how dry the mountains are for this time of year.
For more sky photos CLICK HERE

Coffee is on


  1. We need a picture of your hot pot/rug!! Are you doing the locker hook? I have done some of those...amazing durability!!

  2. I like your voice in your Youtube vids. Your accent is a little harsh but your diction is excellent. You do a lot of confessing. I think you are a nice person, so why so much confessing?

  3. love your sky shot and trees, hope they are safe from fire, we are a little worried because we are so very dry. i don't do youtube much, rarely listen to anything other than a song or two once in a while. i did listen to the beginning of one of yours and your voice sounds good to me..

  4. What an interesting post! I can hardly wait to see what you will do. Have a lovely weekend. <3

  5. Very pretty sky shot. Hope you find your sketchbook!

  6. I think the youngers are more used to having such media to play with. Us olders don't want to put so much out there. It's what you're used to, I guess.

  7. No one like their own voice. LOL Yours is beautiful.

  8. That's such a beautiful sky photograph.

    All the best Jan

  9. lol, I would never set up a youtube channel. There are a lot of planning for that and I don´t really like being filmed :)

  10. I love your big ole fluffy clouds.


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