Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I Know I Said A Few Naughty Words

I know I said "shit" but the strange thing I don't recall why. Didn't work today but did a few things around place like clean out both my cars.

Went to T.O.P.S and weight plus stayed for the meeting. We talk about body image and it not about teenage girls having a body image.
For my self I am small shoulder depend on style I should be able to wear a medium or small. But then there the boob to fit around my boob I need a large or extra large.
So if it fits in my shoulder know way it going to fit me in the boob area. Then if it fits me boob area it so large over the shoulder.
When I go clothing shopping. I take the max amount into the dressing room to try on. And if there no max I will take a stack in that over six inches high.
So I figure one to three items will fit. I have only took a few items in the dressing room to try on and if nothing fit. My eyes will tear up.

Haven't talk or post much on my sewing project. I have plenty of fabric. Had to clean some small cut fabrics the other day. The cats took there naps on the fabric.
Well there plenty of project for fabric is less then four inches. Well I just toss it. But anything bigger I just kept.
Take my word in my totes I have fabrics of all sizes including 4 inches or less.
Right now my fabric is organize by size and that not working. So I made poll up for three of my sewing groups on facebook dealing with organizing fabrics.
In all groups color was the number one way of organizing fabric. Then by combination which would include color, size and or design. Then for third two different group one suggested by type and the other was by project.
Well I can a lease sort by color and not sure which step to take or if I need to take step. 

Bad news I was up a pound...I keep with in my bounds, next time I should be down.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari om
    I have that shoulder-boob ratio thing going on. It is why I love Indian clothing, one size fits all!!! YAM xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean about buying clothes. I go through the same thing. You will never see me in a button down blouse much as I love them because if I buy it larger it sort of hangs everywhere but the boob area.

  3. I'm flat as a pancake-but I have linebacker shoulders. Women's shirts never fit right so I just live in men's t-shirts.

  4. How lucky you are to be able to make your own clothes Dora, I'm hopeless when it comes to dressmaking, my mum used to make me amazing dresses when I was a teenager.. that was a very long time ago 😀

  5. I have the opposite problem. Am rather broad shouldered, particularly so with my small frame and no boobs. I seem to do well with knit tunic tops. I always sort my yarn by color, and when I did cross stitch, always sorted my floss by color too. Good luck with your re-organization.
    Sandy's Space

  6. I am with you on the clothing, mine is not boob though it is the waist area. narrow shoulders with waist the same size. no one makes clothes like that, I try on and try dozens of tops. pants I have to wear stretch, I am built like a tree trunk.. that is whyi wear loose clothes, like Yam said, one size fits all.... I hunt down square cut shirts not fitted and stretch pants. if I were a millionaire I would hire someone to custom make my clothing to fit my body style... not gonna happen... I am doing the up 1 down 1 and have been since april. same weight I was a year ago and I am happy with that.

  7. Keeping body weight normal helps a lot with clothing. Almost anyone can find decently fit clothes. I say this from personal experience.
    As for sewing, I do make small reparations, nothing more. I used to sew for my Mom now and then, as it was sometimes difficult to find the right style. Not much for me.

  8. I said crap Monday when I opened my mailbox. I got a jury duty summons...

  9. I said bad words yesterday when I kept dropping things. I'd suggest sorting the fabrics by colour and by type, for instance anything of a certain colour in cotton, then anything of a certain colour that might be synthetic, so sort by type first, then sub-sort by colour.
    Could I also suggest when you try on things you like that fit around the boobs but are too big for the shoulders, you could re-sew the shoulders to fit you. Take apart the seam and fit it to your shape.

  10. My dear Mum used to do a lot of sewing and knitting, but alas I don't!

    All the best Jan


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