Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Wednesday Pop Up Number Thirty Four

I'm total clueless were the term "Pop Up" came up but I will be using it instead of meme. I like it much better and more comfort with term.

I will be starting with....WEDNESDAY MEDLEY and here this week question...

1.  Haiku poetry is actually pretty easy to write.  Give it a try right here...Here the Hippy...waiting for has sprung.

2.  Haiku poetry aside, have you ever written a poem?  Will you share it with us? Don't consider my self a poet. But others have complement me on some my poems

3.  Do you have a favorite poet or does poetry usually make you yawn? I'm picky on poems. I'm bi polar when it comes to poems. I either like it. One of favorite poem is MY SHADOW BY ROBERT LEWIS STEVEN my mom use to recite this poem. 

4.  April 17  is National Ellis Island Family History Day, too,  Did any of your ancestors or relatives immigrate through Ellis Island from another country? Lot of my family were here before there actual was the United States, I can trace my dad direct line to my ninth Grand Dad who never came to America, but his son did. They were puritans. Then on my mom maternal, my grandmother maternal side came over in about 1850's

5.  We also celebrate National Cheeseball Day on April 17th.  Do you have a favorite cheeseball recipe to share with us or have cheeseballs basically disappeared from parties today? I don't do well with diary but I like cheese.

6.  If you want to share, please tell us something random about your week....One of my sons friend and class mate had committed suicide and left a wife and two young children. And there a go me fund  page to help this FAMILY OUT plus I would like to share a  LINK  to national suicide prevention life line. 


Ok, now I'm going to do or attempt a story but out list I'm going to just the even words...abounding, quince, toothpaste, debonair, instrument, and horn.

For being born in such a small town Sarah did quite well handling her self with other debonair. She carried her self with pride and grace. As she wasn't from any form of money new or old.
It was her natural way. She was invited to all sorts of art, theater and stage events. Even people had paid her way to many things though the world.

One of her favor was a play from small theater group came from small town of Jacksonville just Northwest of Ashland.

People showed up from all over and even well known people of film and stage were there and it was fund raiser to help with personal care that would help people purchase hygienic items. Such as toothpaste, toilet-paper, laundry soap, and a lot more. 
It was live performance of local contest of play written. And this had even draw producers from larger companies. 

In left hand side of stage was even a brass band and there interments shine. There horn did a excellent job before, during, intermission, and after.

The play that won was called "Honey what did you do today" a story of one actress who stayed home and it only had her and few more actor. She was interview men from baby boomer generation to be come house wives. 
The stage has a kitchen and the interviews were done at kitchen table. And the kitchen wasn't necessary clean or filthy. 

The play was quite hit and all sorts of food were available including some fresh quince brought in form Australia from one of the better known directors.
As one can see a small towns does have abounding of talent.

Miss M is our HOST  for Words on Wednesday.

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  1. Great to see you taking part in Words for Wednesday. The list of participants is growing by the week.
    It's true one doesn't know the talent lurking behind closed doors in a small town as you've pointed out in your tale
    Take care

  2. I just imagine going shopping with this car ! I am sure I would have a lot of success, lol !

  3. Good story. I don't like poetry, most of the long ones from olden times, I just don't understand what the meaning is and I get confused by them. My older son wrote Haiku's in High School and his teacher said they were very good, I still have some of them in a folder somewhere but can't find them without turning the house upside down.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of poetry, but really do like some pieces. As for writing it, I do....only when I am in great emotional it tends to be very dark and deep. :-)

  5. I've never been much into poetry, but there are some out there that warm my heart.

  6. I get irritated by most modern poetry. I don't "get" it. However, haiku are a different story. They published haiku written by kids in the Washington Post yesterday and they were all so good! One author was only 6 years old. Here are a couple of mine:

    Autumn's beginning
    A solitary firefly
    Beams "hello" in vain.

    In the cold spring rain
    The woodpecker never stops
    Rapping about love.

    Happy Spring to you, Dora, and all your readers.

  7. A play, then food, perfect! Never thought I was any good at poetry but do appreciate good ones.

  8. I am so sorry about your son's friend. suicide is a terrible thing.

    Love your haiku.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your sons friend. It's always so hard to know that a person was in so much mental pain that they thought suicide was the only answer to their problems.

  10. Haiku is fun to write, and i like to make up silly rhyme poems.

    Nice story, thanks for playing along!

  11. Where did you find the term pop up? I like it.

  12. I am so sorry about your son's friend! Loved your haiku! Loved your answers! Have a great weekend!


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