Friday, April 19, 2019

Creative and Beautiful Pop Up Number Twenty Six

Anther tarot card and this is my four of swords. Done in color pencils. Before I explain this card and it meaning no divination  can a total glimpses in future.
Three positive key words for the four of swords...take break, recuperating, and completion
Three negative key words for the four of swords...restless, deteriorate, and burn out.
This might interest some about the KOI or GOLDFISH in my card.

This is card I'm working "page of cups"

Not sure if and when I will be getting back into ARTIST TRADING CARD. Here one my friend send me.
But I was on amazon looking at blank ones and I thought they were on costly side.

Today I stop in at one the thrift stores on my way home from work and what I'm looking for is a hole punch for one my pages for sketch book project

So I found a paper cutter for $6.00 and these two new (lid and bottom) gift box for $2.00
And if I decide to get back in to ATC cards and if my math is correct I should get out 120 ATC cards. Which ends up being a little over three cents each.
And I never figured the sides out and there four inch deep.
For my artist and there work please CLICK HERE

Here in North Idaho it been cloudy, overcast or hazy. And Thursday when I came home from work I saw this little bit of blue sky showing though.
For more sky photos and such please CLICK HERE

Coffee is on


  1. My favorite is of the hummingbird. SO lovely.

  2. Lovely pieces today!

  3. Those punches look cool. Probably more than you'd need, though.

  4. I like all your tarot cards. I don't do any crafty things though, I don't have the interest.

  5. Have fun with your ATCs. Cutting your own cards is certainly the cheapest method. Happy Easter, Valerie

  6. I have always wanted to draw, but never could. I agree that cutting your own is the way to go and less expensive. everyone needs a hobby

  7. I love these! My favourite is the lovely bird - you really captured it's movement :) Happy PPF from Number 20 :D

  8. Oooh, ATCs! Love the hummingbird. :)

  9. interesting tarot reading. Lovely art. I've always cut my own cardstock for ATCS. Happy PPF!

  10. Very nice art work and a lovely sky image.

  11. Pretty sky shot. Hopefully you will be seeing more blue sky in the coming weeks!

  12. Again love your cards. That is a good sky shot. Have I asked you before where in N. ID you live. I spent 26 years in N. ID and consider it my home. I so dislike living in Oregon. LOL


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