Friday, April 05, 2019

Beautiful and Creative Meme Number Twenty Four

With this powerful looking clouds one would think there down power. Actual there only been a small amount of rain. More like a sprinkle.
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My take on the three of wands, in tarot deck. I choice a ship about leaving port off to possible a new adventure or land.
As one can see two of my wands is as one is about ready to walk up the plank and the third one is using as mast.
Three positive...relocation, liberation and growth.
Three negative....Travel delays, set backs, and failure to check fine print.
Once again remember no one can predict the future, and when one does reading of cards one need consider all the all the cards around.
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  1. The negatives sound a lot like Mercury retrograde...

  2. Nice shot of the sky.

  3. You always bring a new perspective to your super Tarot drawings Dora.
    Happy PPF Tracey x

  4. Lovely tarot card!

  5. Beautiful shot of the sky. I do like all of your Tarot.

  6. I like that heavy band in the clouds. Pretty shot!

  7. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Those clouds are beautiful!

  8. You would expect some rain there!

  9. I like your tarot card Dora, I find reading the tarot cards very specific to each person, can be quite enlightening ✨

  10. Indeed the sky looks rather scary !


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