Monday, March 18, 2019

Naw Yes or Possible No

It been a while since I stop over at my Aunts. Left a little early so we could stop in for a short visit. A little bit of her goes a long ways. We're all product of our environment.
Statement time...People with extreme negative or positive view on life can at times get under my skin.
My father was a person with negative view about a plenty of things. I recall one time he was reading an article in the paper about some burglary ring and it wasn't even in area we were living. I believe it was in Seattle area.
But he pound his index finger on table and said looking at me..."I know your involved some how"
My husband can lean toward the negative side also.
And they tell will end up marrying some trait of both of your parents.
My grand daughter birthday is coming up, and plans aren't total set on concrete. They were planing to have it possible in Sandpoint, on the 31st.
And the reason my hubby thinks there going to Sandpoint,and not having it in Spokane or the lodge. That he believe our son and his in-laws that we're some type of vermin parasite.
And my son bought the Grand daughter up Sunday. So I don't know where he gets this ideal.
I don't think it anything even close to that. I will take a person at there word until proven differently. Or I won't try to figure what there motive is.
There motive is good until proven differently.
They talked about having it in Sandpoint, so it would be easier for us to attend.
Actual it would be easier for them to have us go to Lodge or Spokane. Having a
a party at an eating establishment can be stressful. There children is three and under.
Since my Aunt husband pass and this been a while. Every time I see her she has some negative comment or opinion on someone or something.
I told her I didn't think the world was all that bad.
My friend Qunella can be a little heavy on positive side with view of life.
Anyhow I just love my mom when told my dad "Pete I don't care what sort of mood your in, it time for you to get your glad pants on"
Statement time...Sorry about the rant.

Well I actual start my cover to my sketchbook project. I will be doing a space ship and when you lift up the hatch you will see title of sketchbook "Just Below The Surface"
I will be using foil for body of the spaceship. Although not sure how to make the door part and also have it lift.
Actual the only thing I did for front cover is to color the back ground.

It start to feel like spring. Quite didn't make it up to 50 (10) and been a little more active. When I go into a business I try to walk around the business on the outside, and this afternoon I walk down to end to the Y in our road.
I packed a lunch. Lot of time at work I just don't eat healthy.
So I took some raw asparagus, brazilian nuts, and sandwich made of cornbeef. But of course I add a little raw cabbage to it.
Weigh in tomorrow, according to home scale it been kind of slithering up and down about 2 pounds (0.9)

I just would like people be honest about there self. Yes we all have some negative parts to our life. I can't by the world is almost 100 percent negative.
Question time...what percent do you feel the world is negative? answer would be 2.7 percent.

Coffee is on


  1. "glad pants" I haven't heard that in a long time and I think maybe it's time more people put on their glad pants.
    I had a healthy lunch today, celery sticks with peanut butter and an apple.

  2. My Grandmothers both turned very negative in age - I hope I can break that circle...

  3. My parents were both so negative. My dad was an alcoholic, and I remember one time bringing a boyfriend home to meet my mom, my first boyfriend, mind you, and what does she say? "I don't know what you want her for. She's going to be nothing but a fat old drunk like her father." Those are the things you never forget.

  4. It all depends on how you take it, really. You can make the best of a bad situation, or you can find the one bad thing in a really great day. Negative people are hard to be around.

  5. One grandmother was positive; the other, negative. And she, of course, saw negativity in me. She called me a "crepe hanger." This apparently meant someone who hung crepe on the door (a sign of mourning) even if no one was dead! If I am sometimes a bit of a crepe hanger, I'm not as much of one as Grandma was. If I was thinking of doing something that made her comfortable, she'd say, "If you do that, it will just kill your dad." If I had a bad cold, she'd say, "You better take care of that, otherwise it could be TB." Poor lady. Fortunately, she had her good points and she was a good mother to me after my mom moved to Florida after the divorce.


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