Monday, March 04, 2019

Less Then Half Hour

Early this morning Murphy went down to toss some wood into the wood furnace. Well a piece got hung up and caught on fire.
It had to be pulled out and extinguish.
In short term he burned his fingers fairly good.
Usual we don't use our wood furnace all that much. But our gas furnace is on the fritz. The furnace people will be out this coming Thursday.
So I will set the phone for around two morning and I will toss a few piece on.

Didn't do much on closet cleaning but did a little. Found two bags and I thought they were blankets. There not and I will be going though the bags hopeful next couple of days.
But I did notice a few items like coats and shirts could take into the thrift store.

One thing I did find was this box. Got from some thrift store and still had price on it. If memory is correct I had $2.50 for it.
Well I'm going to make a bone box, for BONE TOSSING.
Still have a long ways to go on tarot set I been drawing.

Last night I did some planning for up coming week and some new moon goals. Both I put in my bullet journal.
My new moon goals are pretty simple...For a cleaning project there a box in corner of dinning area under a little table full of stuff.
Actual I would like to get rid of that box.
As for health goals get under 200 pounds. I keep rocking between 203 and 200.
Weigh in tomorrow with weight lost group.
I seem to have trouble recording my steps. I want it to be come a regular habit.
Then for my spiritual goal is to finish up my tarot card I been working on.

Very last thing is since Murphy fingers are bumbled up I clean up after dinner. I sat a timer for 20 minutes clean up and even wash dinner dishes by hand.
It been a while since I worked on my stamp collection. I collect stamps of faces and do have a few scene of  groups of people.
Well I was briefly looking though e bay and net for stamps. Didn't buy anything.
Question time...Do you window shop on your electron devices? 
Don't know why but I like to look at all the weird things on wish. Only bought a few items though them.

Coffee is on


  1. Bad news about Murphy's fingers being burnt. Hope he is ok.

  2. I am very sorry Murphy burned his fingers. Hopefully it will heal with no complications.

  3. Sorry about Murphy's finger. Seems you are making slow and steady progress on the tidying.

  4. Ouch. I'm paranoid about fire, and this doesn't help.

    New moon goals? Do you make goals once a month? Or is it just for the new moon?

  5. Sorry about Murphy.

    Yes, I window shop on line. You should see my Amazon wish list.

  6. Oh poor Murphy, that would have hurt a lot! Yes absolutely, I'm always looking at things to buy.. I don't often actually buy though 😉

  7. Sorry to hear about Murphy, I hope his hands heal quickly and he doesn't have too much pain.
    I window shop on my laptop, I look at houses for sale on real estate sites, I like seeing the different styles and decors.
    Very interesting reading about the Bone Tossing, I've heard about it but never looked into it.

  8. Sorry to read about Murphy.
    Window shopping online can be fun, and you can get some good ideas too.

    All the best Jan


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