Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Round One Round Two shortly

Murphy blew snow out of our drive way to and cut trails to all of the entrance. I shovel the steps and landings.
We both got work out and I feel though out my body.
And snow is still coming down. I would guess we have some where between two and three feet.
And I thought we could slide by this winter season with less then 10 inches of snow.

Had plans to go out for dinner on my birthday but weather change things. So we end up having liver and onion. I know must people doesn't care for it.
Potatoes and mind had nothing on it. Murphy put milk and butter on his. Both of us had green beans.
Hopeful before the end of month we can have dinner out.

I miss work and the snow removal for our county came sometime after one afternoon. Also the mail wasn't picked up. Or delivered.
No big deal just paying bills.
I wrote a letter to one of my cousins, and it been a while since I wrote.

At this point I have in 3,820 steps. Our weight lost group cancel and I would be up slightly. So back at it. I been eating little to many nuts and chocolate. I know nuts are good for you.

One more thing and I thought we been watching what we ate. But hubby has to go on METFORMIN his numbers wasn't had they should of been.

Worked a little bit around the smaller bedroom closet and this one is worst of the three I sat forth to do.
I did waste some time glancing though LIBRARY of sketchbook project. I'm still on fence about getting mind digitized.
I did enjoy cruising though the sketch book on line. But I believe there would be more joy of handling books it self.
I found out they take these sketchbook out and not sure how they choose which one goes. But each artist book a lease visit three different places.
I did contact them and it seem mainly they visit place 500,000 or more. Sure there where some smaller cities.
In my contact I suggest visiting some smaller place between 100,000 and 250,000 population.


  1. Hi Dora - the snow seems to have hit doesn't it ... and hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble. I love liver ... however just look forward to that dinner out as Spring really comes into play. Lots of projects - so enjoy the snow days - cheers Hilary

  2. Sorry you didn’t get a chance to go out to celebrate. I am not a fan of snow.

  3. I love snow days, but I must say, it's getting a little old.

  4. This is why I pay bills online. No worries about mail delivery.

  5. That's an awful lot of snow. I am not sure how you still get steps in when you can't do much outside.

  6. We ended the day with a new 21 inches of snow. The city basically shut down, which is unusual in our part of Canada. Stay safe.

  7. The snow makes the area look pretty at least. I hope it stops soon though so you can get out and about.
    I don't like plain boiled potatoes, I'd rather have mashed, but I suppose a bite of liver&onion with each bite of potato would make it tasty enough.

  8. Aircon running, enjoying your snow-pics :-)

  9. So much snow Dora. Happy birthday btw, your dinner looks yummy, except for the liver 😉

  10. Holy cow! You've a lot of snow! We've colder temps than usual and TONS of rain.

    Stay warm and dry! x


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