Friday, February 15, 2019

On the Hot Seat

Usual Wednesday and Friday I take part in couple of what I think is fun and challenging memes. Well winter upheaval had put things in a different light.
So I'm going though some of my comments, not all of them. And hopeful explain or answer possible some question.

Seem to be some question and statement about snow
For end of February we have a lot of snow, and it even looks like either going to be snowing or freezing upcoming week
I just want to slow melt away. But when comes to weather one doesn't have much choice.
Someone mention air con. Well I would say we run our for 60 days and that not even straight 60 days.

Not sure if school are shut down. Kids are grown and I don't pay much attention to it any more. But I believe it was Tuesday some business in town couldn't open.

On line bill paying. I don't believe I tackled that one.
I transfer funds around. But I've seen to many screw ups on direct deposits and bill pay. There people and even I do it, leave cash in mail box with a little note for postage stamps.

Birthday this month.
Hubby and I usual go and have dinner out. That's the 12th we were so busy moving snow out of our drive way. In 24 hour period it drop around a foot of snow.
Soon as it some what under control we will go out for dinner.

Now about the sick friend with I believe has cancer.
Haven't heard anything but she hopes her husband has peaceful passing. I haven't meant anyone who want a painful ending.
I've posted in the pass about the issues between my father and I.
He died a horrible death and no one deserve to die like he did.

Dairy trouble it something I don't like talking is heath issues.
I'm so thankful there pills to help us who is lactose trouble, and maybe someday they will have those who have trouble with wheat.

Work and let me cover that.
I'm up to 30 hours a week. But this snow and such I'll be putting a little time on Saturday. I though of looking for anther client. Regis and Liz are supper to work with. I had one that was slightly evil.

I might as well hit Valentine day.
Not much happen with me on valentine day, birthday to close. Usual my birthday had valentine twist to it.

I recall saying how boring my life is. It one main thing I'm thankful for. 

Now for my creative adventure.
Just finish up anther tarot card, the ace of pentacles. And ready to start the knight of pentacles and this card will have mule in it. Yes a mule. Drawing a mule and could be challenging for me.

I know I didn't cover it all.

Coffee is on


  1. Hubby is lactose intolerant. I have an issue with soy which makes it hard to find a lot of little foods to snack on. Would be nice to find something to help with that. Oh, I love that you are creating tarot cards. That is awesome.

  2. I’m glad things got sorted out with Liz.

    Drew is lactose intolerant and so are both kids. Jen takes the lactaid tablets wen seats cheese, it helps.

  3. If I tried to walk in the snow in our yard it would be waste deep. I am so over it.

  4. I think you covered a lot Dora 😉 btw belated happy birthday wishes, I hope you have a super dinner out when the snow stops. Are you going to show us the new tarot card?

  5. Happy birthday, Dora. Thank you go your comment on my blog. Actually, it turns out that raccoons are not rodents, acc to Google.

  6. nice to catch up on your news today! Didn't see the new card here.

  7. We don't get much snow here. We had some flurries but nothing stuck to the ground.

  8. So glad I'm not lactose intolerant, as I love milk. The weather has been really lousy with more rain, more snow, and more cold than normal. All of which has me counting down til spring. I'm not up to speed which meme's asked those questions; but glad you're feeling like you're catching up. Hubby and I have both been ill so we didn't go out for Valentines Day, won't be able to this wkend either. Maybe we'll order tonight though from our favorite neighborhood restaurant.
    Sandy's Space

  9. I like your hand drawn Tarot cards, when you have finished the whole set you could fan them out and take a photo to show us. only if you want to of course.

  10. Happy belated Birthday wishes, Dora.
    Yes, my Dad as well, I feel with you...

  11. For the moment we are lucky we have almost spring weather ! Around 70F, quite unusual. My best friend used to read Tarot cards, but not anymore, she said she has lost the energy for that.

  12. Happy belated birthday. I hope the snow is letting up somewhat.

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