Monday, February 04, 2019

Not Quite Perfect Groove

Last few post been about my trip. Now I'm slowly getting back to my life. I've never had a one hundred points of routine.
Today is my full start of work. Last week I only actual got in seven hours. Which I know is going to be pretty pathetic pay check.
But it better them zero.

Haven't yet start to wear my zip bit. It's one of those things I know I need to put it on and kept procrastinate about hooking it to my bra strap. When I got fourth way down Peterson hill and that's when notice I didn't hook on zip bit.

A lease I got back doing my morning stretches. As for eating nothing late at night.

Let see for breakfast eggs, bread, sausage and didn't eat it all. Lunch a beef and bean burrito, and then there dinner steak, coleslaw, and bake potato. I don't do well with dairy so had a little ketchup on my potato.
3 Oreo cookies, chips, and Carmel pop corn.
Might seem like lot in sweets. But honestly it would fill a one cup measure.

Yesterday I start to sew the block together. It going so so, and the triangle corners aren't as coming out smooth as I like.
But still I don't see any reason why it won't be completed by end of month.

Coffee is on


  1. If it’s not on the Fitbit, the steps don’t count.

    Actually they do, everything you do to move counts.

  2. How old is your phone? You can download free apps such Pedometer Step Counter and it just works in the background and you can check it any time and it counts all the steps you make during the day while you are carrying your phone.

  3. Use your cellphone with apps! You can find all kinds of health apps for free.

  4. What is a zip bit? Is it something that counts steps?

  5. Hi Peppy! Thanks for stopping at my blog. I was using a fit bit but quit when I hurt my knee in November. It's doing better but not perfect, but I think I should still start paying attention to my steps. I haven't heard of a zip bit but I like that it attaches to your bra strap. I get sick of wearing something on my wrist.

  6. Lots of protein in those meals, that's good. I don't do well with dairy either, have just minimal amount of milk in my coffee and tiny serve of ice cream sometimes. I've tried oreo cookies and don't like them, so that's good for my diet. I need to get out and walk more but our summer is just too hot, even the evenings.


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