Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mauli Ola

I've travel very little and had chance to go to KONA and there plenty of things I learn and what I would do differently, when traveling.

In short bit hopeful Saturday and Sunday I can share my Hawaii adventure. But now what things I need when leaving the area.

Before I left I got all my meds filled what I could. And I should of been fine and I was. But found out I could take my bottles into any pharmacy if some how I ran out of pills. If one runs low on your medication one can go to a pharmacy with there presribtion bottle. But don't wait until there complete empty. I would say 5 pills or 5 days worth. They should be able to fax your pharmacy and quickly get your meds refill.
But it wise to have more meds then you need.

Then were I actual feel short was taking care of my chemical and pollen sensitivity.
Usual my pollen sensitivity is end of April at my home area. Next time before I travel I would start taking my antihistamine 3 to 5 days before I left to unknown types of pollen or check with pollen map. If your own sure of plant life you might still want to start regiment before you take off.

Certain soaps and such bothers me. And soaps I use are clear and free. Scented soaps I don't use. First request that bedding to be washed in a soap you can use. The air b and b place we stayed at used a laundry detergent that wasn't friendly toward me.
But if this didn't work. Bring your own laundry soap. Although this my not fly with the TSA. But you can go to local market and find laundry products that suits your needs.
And this may apply to other soaps and such.
Bring your own bedding from home. which would be last resort for me.

Let you bank know your leaving and you will be certain area. At one time my son and his wife was in Frankfort Germany and there account was froze up.
I tried to book some flights back. Since my daughter in law is a flight attendant she can get us some great deals. But there problems traveling this way. The air lines like the full paying custmers first.

So now I have to look though my photos. But I would do a few things different when I leave and area.

Coffee is on


  1. I travel so little, even 90 miles is a big trip.

  2. Kona, good for you! I've been to Hawaii and the Big Island once.

  3. A little trip is always good for you even if there are challenges! I too am allergic to some detergents and am fortunate that my son is kind enough to honor that when he purchases laundry soap :D

  4. Good travel advice. Now I want to hear all the fun stuff you did.

  5. The bank frozen up ??? Never heard that, I have travelled a little everywhere in the world and used my card without any problems. Strange. In the beginning when I went to Egypt I took a lot of medication with me and then discovered that they had the same but much cheaper !! In the UK too !

  6. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your trip Dora, how exciting ✨

  7. I hope you had a great trip.


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